Daily Archives: 04.08.2018

HIITing It.

(Scene from this morning’s workout at barre class.)


After nine weeks, I am still going strong on my three times a week workout goal and I am proud of me! I will also share that Marcus has been just an incredible supporter of me in this. He makes time for me to go to a workout class on the weekends without the kids, on the nights I workout, he takes on some extra housework so that I can just head downstairs after dinner.

The treadmill is still awaiting its healer (they’ll be by this week) so I am still doing workout videos. They are the worst ever. I hate them. They do not even take very long but they are hard.

That said, I have been doing these two (Video OneVideo Two) from POPSUGAR pretty much on rotation and y’all they are working. I am finally feeling my core muscles engaging.

Also they are free and y’all know I love free things. Being able to workout in the basement continues to be the number one reason I am able to workout at all. I do like going to a weekly class, mostly so that I can leave my house without my children. But at the end of the day, nothing tops being able to just throw on some workout clothes, hustle downstairs and then be able to just walk back into my life when I am done.