Ten Minute Catch-Up

Basically, I want to write a post but I have other things to do tonight.

Also, I lost some time to the fact that our treadmill is broken. The maintenance people came out last week to do its annual maintenance and they must have neglected to hook up some part of the computer or something because the incline works, but the belt will not run. How incensing.

So that left me scrambling for a workout to do in the basement. Marcus distinguished himself and quickly hooked up the DVD player but then we could not find the DVDs. Foiled again.

Thankfully I remembered that Laura shared some of her favorite 20 minute POPSUGAR videos here. I did this one. It was exhausting, I have no core strength.

I am pretty much winning in the competition to be The World’s Most Okayest Mom.

We are signed up for another round of tball, soccer (these sports each last 6 weeks) and an art class.

Also, Critter has to bring his lunch to school this week (which we have not done all year) and I will note the following: we do not own a lunchbox of any kind so I sent him with a personal sized Coleman cooler, I also packed five baby carrot sticks that I knew he would not eat so that the teachers would know I am a good mom.

And with that, good night.


One response to “Ten Minute Catch-Up

  1. Ha ha – love that you sent the carrot sticks. Those downward dog push-up things are just impossible in that video!

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