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Friday Food Round-Up!

This week, I had a husband who was home so we actually cooked and stuff!

Saturday – Perfect Instant Ramen, Salad

We weren’t planning to cook on Saturday but it worked out and ramen is what we had in the cupboard.

Sunday – Slow Cooker Italian Sausage, Escarole, Orzo, and White Bean Soup from Skinny Taste Fast and Slow, Salad, Challah

This week I was not in the mood for “escarole” but I did want to add a half box of orzo that had taken up residence in the pantry.

Monday – Three Cheese Sundried Tomato and Spinach Pasta from Cast Iron Cooking

This was our Appalachian Trail solidarity meal of the week. I will also say this is not an overly time consumptive dish to prepare, but it is still more than I can handle right now.

Tuesday – Easy Slow Cooker Yellow Coconut Curry Chicken, Steamed Rice, Steamed Broccoli

As always, this recipe is just such a gem.


Spring Outfits (and my 2nd Trendsend Box)

I knew once spring rolled around I would want to place another Trendsend order (yes it’s a referral link) because I Still Need Clothes and the last box changed my life because now I own SPANX leggings and know how to mix stripes with camouflage.

This is also your regular PSA to buy SPANX leggings because they are perfect in all ways.

Anyway, after the date night a few weeks ago where I ended up wearing a top from like 2011 or something (seriously), I REALLY knew it was time to click order.

For a those of you who don’t know what Trendsend is, it is a styling service run by Evereve that does not have any subscription fee. This speaks to me. I also hate shopping in stores, no longer have the time to do this anyway (hello mom life) and need someone (aka my stylist) to tell me what to wear and instruct me on how to look…like it is 2018 and I have not just survived a three year sleepless zombie apocalypse.

I am also going to tell you that I cleaned off my bathroom counter for all of our sakes and threw on some makeup to give the whole fashion show some dignity. The mom ponytail was not salvageable.

Without further adieu, the clothes!

I kept this dress. I loved everything about it (the knot detail, that it was a tank cut on the neck/sleeves) and I BADLY needed a new little black dress.

This is a “ruana.” I don’t know how else to describe this garment beyond that it is made for one’s best life of leisure (think Pat on Southern Charm) and it lives in my closet now.

I just loved this dress. It fit well, it was an appropriate cut, but I didn’t need two dresses. And, it was a bit longer which was nice.

This shirt! These pants! So fun! Unfortunately they didn’t fit perfect (like my torso and legs just were not the perfect length?) so they did not stay.

How cute is the lace detail on this? I adored this shirt but it was just a touch too wide on me.

I kept this jean jacket. Truth: I have NEVER owned one. Honestly if I was in the right “season” of life for this shirt I would have kept it. The print was so pretty. The tier-ing was so decorative.

And finally, this clay shell was the last piece. When I tried it on with the jean jacket I felt like I could look very cool at coffee but I could only do so much shopping in one run.

It was so fun to do this again, to try some new things and refresh my closet a bit!

Ten Minute Catch-Up

Basically, I want to write a post but I have other things to do tonight.

Also, I lost some time to the fact that our treadmill is broken. The maintenance people came out last week to do its annual maintenance and they must have neglected to hook up some part of the computer or something because the incline works, but the belt will not run. How incensing.

So that left me scrambling for a workout to do in the basement. Marcus distinguished himself and quickly hooked up the DVD player but then we could not find the DVDs. Foiled again.

Thankfully I remembered that Laura shared some of her favorite 20 minute POPSUGAR videos here. I did this one. It was exhausting, I have no core strength.

I am pretty much winning in the competition to be The World’s Most Okayest Mom.

We are signed up for another round of tball, soccer (these sports each last 6 weeks) and an art class.

Also, Critter has to bring his lunch to school this week (which we have not done all year) and I will note the following: we do not own a lunchbox of any kind so I sent him with a personal sized Coleman cooler, I also packed five baby carrot sticks that I knew he would not eat so that the teachers would know I am a good mom.

And with that, good night.

Friday Food Round-Up!

Marcus was on a business trip this week so honestly I ate a lot of salad kits and freezer meals.

Sunday – Grampy Jim’s Ham Turkey Sandwiches from Farmhouse Rules, Salad

Grilled cheese sandwiches give me LIFE.

Monday – 90’s Taco Salad

So. At work two weeks ago we had a salad themed potluck where we all worked really hard to bring salads that didn’t have lettuce in them. But. Someone brought this salad in and it tasted like the most perfect of perfect taco salads. They didn’t have an actual recipe so I made it up by eyeballing ingredients and wrote it out.

This was also our Appalachian Trail solidarity meal of the week.

Miscellaneous – Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Critter baked these with me!

Friday Food Round-Up!

I had to make some last minute meal plan changes when we were at ALDI because apparently there was a run on sweet italian chicken sausage this week.

This week I also pulled out Paula’s lasagna from the freezer and it was just the cheesy thing we needed. THANK YOU PAULA.

Saturday – Tuna Melts, Tots, Salad

This was our Appalachian Trail solidarity meal of the week. Sharkbait was having tuna and crackers so we had tuna melts. Best ever.

Sunday – Sesame Chicken Noodles from Cravings, Steamed Broccoli


Tuesday – Slow Cooker Lemon Pepper Chicken with Olives, Tomatoes and Onions over Angel Hair Pasta and Salad

Apparently I didn’t photograph the salad.

When I was looking at the box of pasta it suggested a recipe for chicken that incorporated Italian dressing along with the additions of olives/tomatoes/onions so I just added those to our crockpot for the last hour of cooking. It was a great choice.

Wednesday – Chili over Baked Sweet Potatoes, Salad

The chili was from a batch I made and froze so I just pulled out a few containers and this meal provided us with dinners on Wednesday and Thursday night which was super nice. Marcus enjoyed the sweet potato-chili combo which I was pleasantly surprised by.

What I’ve Been Reading

All of these were GREAT. Read them.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann

Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

Mom Life Updates.

I have children, did you know?

Where has the time gone? Critter has a memory for EVENTS now. The other day, he told my mom the sex of a friend’s baby on the way when I mentioned our playdate to her. He loves when I retell what, exactly, we saw when we visited the zoo a few weeks ago.

He had another haircut last weekend and even though Marcus took him, he makes me recall (repeatedly) the events that took place at the salon – sitting in the special chair, wearing the smock, having his hair sprayed down, the whole thing. And after the 45 second tale concludes WE TELL IT AGAIN.

He is three weeks into toddler t-ball through our local parks and rec program that we signed up for with some friends from ECFE. I would say mostly he just runs around the field but he achieves at least one thing each week – participating in a drill, running all of the bases instead of running off, and frankly the fact that we can just go somewhere contained where he can RUN for 30 minutes is great for me. We will sign him up for more toddler t-ball this summer as well because I am a believer in recreational youth sports and it will give him something “different” to do once per week.

His language is really just off the charts at this point. He can tell us exactly what he wants and hit a seven word sentence which was mostly really scary. He has also started intentionally mangling some words which is precious. Examples: catty (cat+kitty), triangle-trangles, jajamas.

And honestly the thing that I adore the most is how when we are in the car or before he naps, sometimes he’ll sigh and say “good boy.” He is the best boy.

Glitter is in 12 month clothing.

She persists in being the sweetest lady and charming to all people.

Sleeping continues to organize itself. Most nights by the time it is bedtime I lay her in her crib and she just…goes to bed. She wakes up once per night which is fine.

She is going to crawl soon. She can rotate her body and go backwards but when she gets onto her hands and knees she is just not organized enough to move forward. This is terrifying.

Critter continues to be her favorite person in the whole world. She is always the happiest to see him.