I Work Out

All of my friends: You’re running again!

(Me internally: Thank God for friends who very literally have the highest aspirations for me)

Me Out Loud: LOL no I am power walking.


Here we are.

I finally got new running shoes (hello goal complete!). And now our treadmill has been used for more than me trying to go into labor (which worked). I realized last week that I hadn’t put any hooks for workout clothes up in our closet.

My goal for right now (and let’s be serious probably until both children are in school) is to exercise three times a week. It can be all walking, all yoga, a combination of the two. I am not doing it to get skinny, I am doing it because I am an unbearable person to be around when I don’t.

Where do I fit it in? Well, usually right after dinner (another reason I am not thinking about running at all right now) because that is the time I have. Generally our mornings start by 6:30 at the latest but sometimes as early as 4:30 or 5:00. This is fine, but there is no way for me to wake up before my children do. Morning workouts will have to be the domain of the time when they can finally pour themselves cereal and turn on some cartoons.

Do I have the time for this? Sort of but not really. I do in the sense that the minutes exist. I do not in the sense that once dinner is put away, Marcus and I usually try to do one productive project each night. This can be cleaning a bathroom or the kitchen, folding laundry, sweeping out the mudroom, you get the idea. So now I do this and that. It is fine. We are all happier when our house is passably clean.

And now with all of this you know the tiniest bit about my pseudo-workout routine and our general housekeeping. The end.


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