Daily Archives: 02.07.2018

The Family Room!

Slowly but surely we are furnishing the the unfinished/sparsely finished rooms in our house.

Like our family room.

You see, six weeks into my maternity leave, I realized I hated our family room because it was a dark cave.  I felt like the already “bold” fireplace stuck out awkwardly (let’s be honest – really cannot do anything about that right now).  I realized I couldn’t manage to settle on any furniture for our family room or informal dining area because the walls were a gray with blue undertones, our wood floors were cherry, and the Spanish tile in the kitchen was yellow-ish.


I looked at Marcus and told him we needed to paint.  And moreover we probably like, needed to hire painters. To my amazement he agreed.

We ended up choosing Behr’s Bleached Linen.



I didn’t bother putting the toys or diaper changing supplies away because you guys this is my life.

The original couch (which we bought from a family member a little over a year ago) was meant to go down to the basement. But it wouldn’t fit down the stairs. So now it is living in our three season porch where we didn’t have any furniture yet anyway.

We also need to decide on how we are going to disguise the many cords hanging from our TV. Options: drill a hole in the wall to run the cords through OR use a cord cover. And we probably need one more lamp but I just don’t know where I want it to go yet. Did I mention art? We need that as well. All with time.