Sunday Vibes

(But seriously what are those?)

How I imagine my life looks.

How it actually looks.

This weekend had a whole lot going on. But first let’s rewind to Thursday.

I took both of the children to the pediatrician for their well child visits (at the same time!) where I was informed they both had double ear infections (though Critter’s was on the way out). MOM OF THE YEAR RIGHT HERE.

On Friday a friend informed me their child had the flu. Which transported me back to our time together at library storytime the day before where this little one had HUGGED Glitter. So she is on Tamiflu now too!

Anyway, no one has gotten sick (or sicker) so thanks be to God for those mercies.

On Saturday my playgroup had a moms’ day/night that was so needed. I ate a lot of carbs, we workshopped preventative botox and there was of course, wine.

Today, we went on a day-date with Glitter (Critter napped at the grandparents’ house) to Omni Brewing. Which ironically is owned by some friends but they opened it when I was pregnant the first time so this is the first time I got to drink their beer!

(And we got Culver’s because you bring your own food to these places and today I REALLY needed a cheeseburger. Like I finished it and thought I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED TWO.)

Last week we did the same and visited the Fulton Taproom. So it has been nice to go out together and act like normal adults.

All in all, it was a pretty great weekend. 🙂


One response to “Sunday Vibes

  1. I love that you did Culver’s. Haven’t been to Omni yet but had one of their yummy porters that they now can!

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