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My First Trendsend Box (aka My Wardrobe is in Dire Condition and This is a Cry for Help)

I preface this post by saying I have had a hard time writing about some things lately because I am just tired of lifestyle bloggers. I am tired of women selling other women this ugly lie that their life isn’t perfect yet because they don’t have a $70 planner with washi tape or they don’t wear extremely expensive athleisure all the time or they aren’t following a certain diet or workout regime. Which is to say nothing of the over-exposed, posed photos that look nothing at all like any of our real houses or real lives.

It is exhausting. None of us are keeping up, most of this stuff doesn’t even sound fun (like seriously how much time can you spend tearing up pieces of washi tape to stick in your planner?). And frankly I am bored.

Did I mention all of you are perfect, beautiful humans just the way you are?


(Also I am about to tell you about some stuff I bought, this post is not sponsored, I think if nothing else this will make you giggle!)

I knew when Glitter arrived I was going to need buy some new clothes because it had been about a year (I wrote THIS post about two months into my capsule closet challenge) since I had bought much of ANYTHING besides wardrobe staple replacements (camis, black yoga pants). Oh, and a baggy tank that said “In Coffee We Trust” that my family has been very vocal in their disdain for.

Like, I needed a closet 911.

So I signed up for Trendsend (yes, it’s a referral link) because unlike other styling services there are no styling fees with this one and frankly A Stylish Friend I Trust told me that this is The Way.

I did the whole style profile thing where I told my Trendsend stylist everything about me. This included such minutiae as the fact that my personal style since elementary school has been “horseback rider,” that I hated the cold shoulder style, keyhole tops, and shirts that have tiny strings doing anything across one’s back, and that my personal style icon was Kate Middleton. Oh, and that anything they sent me needed to be breastfeeding friendly.

Do you know what was so super? They followed my instructions to a T!

I snapped my outfits so I could share them here. I preface this internet fashion show by saying this: I tried these things on at the end of a long day (hello, glasses) in my bathroom which has looked cleaner. An aside: I think we need to paint it white/cream because why is my bathroom robin’s egg blue and light brown?

Also, I need a full length mirror. But without further adieu.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

I ended up keeping the Spanx camo leggings (outfit 1) and the fluffy white sweater that felt like a blanket (outfit 2) because even though white/cream is mostly impractical in this “season” of life sometimes you have to treat yourself. I will also say that both of these things were comfy as H-E-double hockey sticks and that they looked nothing like any of the other things in my closet. I LOVED that my stylist picked things that were cute, yet challenged me to dress a little differently than I normally do.

And with that, I must conclude today’s fashion show. 😉