The Current State of Things

Well, we survived Christmas, and Critter’s first encounter with pink eye (and the subsequent discovery that he was allergic to his first prescribed set of eye drops), and here we are now in that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s where nothing really happens but stuff sort of does, too.

I didn’t know that Marcus had the ENTIRE week off (I thought he was only taking the days when we needed to cover for Critter’s closed daycare) until probably Saturday.  That was The Best Gift Ever because it meant a much more relaxed week (read: No Solo Parenting Of Children!) for me.  And the possibility that I might be able to sleep in on the days I was home from work if Glitter agreed.  A beautiful thing.

It also meant that we could take care of some errands and things that we didn’t have the chance to tackle while I was on maternity leave.  Like, a lot of paperwork.  A trip to the post office.  Scheduling the our children’s upcoming well child appointments.  Some DIY water softener repair.  Rearranging storage spaces.  Decluttering and donating some things.  Moving one couch to the three season porch because it didn’t fit into the basement, and the new one that finally arrived into our family room.  Replacing covers on our heating vents because many of the ones that came with the house were BIZARRE.

Are you asleep yet?

I suppose I am sharing all of this so that we can remember we are all having the same wild week!

In all seriousness, it has been really nice to cross things off of our list that seemed like they would be there for the forseeable future and to do more settling in.  There was so much to do when we moved that I knew we’d be hitting the pause button in a big way when Glitter arrived.  Now that we’re able to start doing little things again, here and there, it feels really good.


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