Resting in This

“So I saw that there is nothing better than for a person to rejoice in what one does, for that is one’s portion.  Who can enable one to see what will be afterward?

– Ecclesiastes 3:22

A few weeks ago, I ordered a book called Life’s Daily Blessings by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky.  Beka had posted a page from it on her Instagram and after being encouraged by what I read there, I knew that it was a book I wanted in our house too.  It’s a sort of Jewish Daily Devotional book and Marcus and I have really enjoyed each of the readings and reflections we have done thus far.

Anyway, this verse from Ecclesiastes came up in the past few days, and I have really been resting in that this week.  I’m not usually one for sharing “inspirations” and what have you, but just in case someone needs it, I felt like I should pay it forward.


One response to “Resting in This

  1. Rabbi Kerry Olitzky

    Many thanks for your kind words. Rabbi Kerry Olitzky

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