Tis the Season to be Spending

Over Thanksgiving weekend we ordered a new couch for our family room.

While we did a lot of important/functional design things to the house before/as we moved in, there were a lot of things we held off on until later. Like furnishing the family room and dining room in their entirety (our kitchen table is a card table right now). At some point I’ll write a post about what we did and why but today I’m looking at this from a different angle.

After scouting out couch options the weekend prior, we went back to HOM to make our purchase. When the couch our salesperson ordered rang in at $700 more than the base price (versus the “few hundred more” he indicated it would be), we looked in his expectant eyes and said Absolutely Not We’ll Take The Base Model Please.

This is the season where everyone is buying things.

If we are being absolutely honest, my holiday weekend shopping was straight-up practical.

I took part in an offer to buy $50 in gift cards at Caribou, get $10 free. Great. Free money to buy coffee I am going to drink anyway. $60 for 10 class pass to Blooma, the baby yoga studio where we attend tots yoga and barre class. Fantastic. $6/class for Glitter to nurse or cry through a class is much better than the regular (discounted) $18. Which, frankly, is not a cost I can abide.

15% Target.com on Cyber Monday plus 5% off using my RED Card? Shampoo and Conditioner, Contact Lens Solution, RX Bars, pants for Critter.

$10 gift card for spending $50 at Target? Prenatal vitamins.


Over the next six weeks you are going to be straight-up bombarded. By deals you cannot refuse for things you do not need. By picture-perfect social media posts of friends and friends-turned-strangers buying and receiving gifts or treating themselves to things that you could never fit into your budget.

It is hard because with social media we see all of these things instantaneously. It is hard because we know not the shoes they walk in. You will see the things that people have worked to save all year for and the things people are putting on maxed-out credit cards. And generally, you will never ever know the difference. You will just be told to keep up.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it’s okay to say no to that extra $700 you weren’t planning on. To take advantage of those deals to buy staples for your family. To sit this one out if it’s just not for you.


One response to “Tis the Season to be Spending

  1. Excited for the couch!!

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