Peak Maternity Leave. 

I am living it.  We’re seven weeks in with five weeks left to go. 

There are some things that are just easier this time around. Because Glitter is a chill baby who doesn’t mind going places. And our list grows!  6Smith, Surly, Glam Doll Donuts, The Bachelor Farmer Cafe. 

My house is cleaner with two kids than I expected (though it still looks lived-in to be sure) A lot of this is thanks to The Terminator.  But every night we do a toy rodeo to get all of the toys cleaned up and frankly for the rest of the house, when I see it needs to be cleaned, I just speed clean when the time allows.

I finally finished both seasons Last Chance U.  In the last week I’ve re-watched The Big Short, the first episode of The Office and most of season one of The West Wing.  Yesterday, Netflix asked me if I was sure I wanted to keep watching. YES NETFLIX I AM BINGING. LET ME BE. 

I ordered another pair of yoga pants, and an oversized long sleeve shirt from the U of M. I liked the yoga pants and cut of the shirt enough I ordered it again. 

And I am in the process of trying to figure out (at LAST) what to do about a kitchen table and the family room (AKA paint?  furniture? lighting? rugs?).  I am hoping they are resolved by the time I go back to work. Because I have the time to accomplish this now and it will feel good to just enjoy those things in our home.  Related: the lighting in our kitchen dining area and family room is terrible and so it needs to be resolved. 


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