Daily Archives: 10.30.2017

One Month!

Or actually I’m a few days late but whatever.  Second baby.  Roll with me. 

Glitter had her one month checkup today. Our darling dear is growing like a weed – she is 10 lbs 13 oz now!  Related/unrelated she slept eight hours straight last night which was her longest stretch to date. Blessings to all people on Earth. 

So there is some stuff that is just easier with Glitter. Like, we can go places and she’ll sleep the whole time!  When Billy was in town last, he, Glitter and I went to lunch onat 6Smith and it was perfect and glorious. 

I didn’t think a glass of wine on a patio on a lake was going to be in the cards for me this year but thank you 70+ degree days in October!

I am still working on getting out of the house to go places with both children that are not other people’s houses. I did succeed in taking both children to library storytime and no one (read: Critter) ran away.  To be realistic, mostly we’re just trying to work a playdate heavy schedule at this point. 

I started pumping and now have enough milk stashed away to buy myself some freedom if I want/need it. I really don’t plan on escaping Glitter for at least another week (first stop: hot yoga) but, hey!  Having milk to give her is a start!  Related/unrelated: feel free to start placing bets on what kind of bottle she will actually take!

I ordered more pacis (Nuk and Mam) because after leaving the hospital Glitter decided she was not into the Soothies and we would really like for her to take a pacifier. She is not into the Mam and so far Critter is more excited about getting into mischief with the new pacis when he finds them in the nursery.  Fun!

Critter is finally cutting at least one of his two year molars thank God. Only three more to go!  He is also starting a course of antibiotics because he has the toddler plague and it has not resolved on its own. He is otherwise healthy but has just a terrible cough. It needs to go. 

Critter is starting to be more interested in Glitter. The funniest moment to date is when he went over to her “nest” (rock and play) while she was sleeping and ordered her to “stand up.”  Which we all know to be impossible since she is an infant.  He was very disappointed when she did not in fact stand up.