22 Days

I am a ninja. 

Glitter rolled back to front during tummy time. In the spirit of opposite siblings, since it took Critter FOUR MONTHS to do the same, I was expecting an early roller.  She has not repeated the feat but we know she has it in her!

I lost two more pounds. (yay)

Over the weekend Marcus and I managed to tag-team clean our entire house.  And we took joy in running the Terminator. It never gets old!  I am never less amazed!  It cleans and we do nothing besides remove large obstacles from the floor!

I went to the lunch portion of the American Brain Tumor Association walk. It was 40 degrees that morning and after walking six blocks and feeling it, it was the best “fit” for Glitter and I. Y’all helped me to raise $172.00 which from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it. I know M appreciates your support too. 

We also did some normal stuff. Like playing at Wayzata Beach.

And going to the Wayzata Brew Works, which we haven’t done since I found out I was pregnant.  

It is a great Sunday afternoon place with kids because it is not crowded and they don’t mind if the little pups frisk about.  Will go again soon. 

It was nice. 


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