Daily Archives: 10.11.2017

Bits and Pieces of an Update

I got mastitis a full seven days after giving birth. A personal record!  It also means once again I am drinking No Beers because I am on heavy antibiotics.  But I just wrapped up 41 weeks of sobriety so what is 10 more days in the scheme of things?

Glitter now weighs nine pounds because she is a growing lady.  I’ll be interested to see how her growth tracks over time, relative to Critter’s. 

I have seen Moana. The coconut pirates are possibly one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.  They are So Cute!  I’m also halfway through Last Chance U on Netflix. When I am not watching TV I am making the most of the Kindle app on my iPhone. 

I can wear my moccasins again and between that and my non-maternity yoga pants, I feel like such a goddess. 

I lost 27 pounds in 10 days and now my weight loss has stalled out and WHAT IS THE POINT OF BREASTFEEDING EVEN IF THE REST OF THE WEIGHT DOESN’T JUST FLY OFF TOO. I jest. It took me a month to lose 30 pounds with Critter so I have no complaints. 

Glitter continues to distinguish herself in the area of sleep. Most nights we’ll get at least one four hour stretch in, sometimes two. Even on the nights she is a “bad” sleeper she is still doing better than Critter did for probably six months. This makes everything (having two children), caring for a newborn, etc. worlds easier.

Critter also goes to “school” three days a week which gives me a “maternity leave” and makes everything simpler because I am not home with two tots full time. He is otherwise working on being a Really Good Big Brother. He is generally indifferent to Glitter though he loves the animal feet (which he calls “shoes”) on her pjs. He is testing some boundaries but not to the point of headache.  He “helps” put her in her car seat, push her stroller and change her diapers.  Honestly he is most upsetted when Marcus is holding Glitter only because he sees me do it all the time, but when Marcus is home, he is generally Critter’s designated parent.  It will be interesting to see how/what else changes in the next few months.