Daily Archives: 10.01.2017

Dispatch From The Other Side

It is Sunday. Critter was a naptime fighter. We have kids. 

After exactly three days in newborn clothing, Glitter graduated to size 3 months because she is a tall lady.  She also gained four ounces on her hospital discharge weight because she knows how to eat, which is a real blessing. 

I have lost 18 pounds. All through the third trimester Mom was telling me, Katherine you are going to feel so much better. You are going to get your body back. 

And I do.  I was suspicious. She was right.  It helps that my labor was only nine hours (once again formally started by lunch at Bacio with Mom). Glitter seems to like her sleep. Same same.  I can wear my yoga pants again. My pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel is gone. 

Did I mention my bed?  After all of the support pillows and wrist braces it is a pillowy nest. I love it. 

I have managed to catch up on the Real Housewives of Dallas.  I still need to get caught up on The Crown. If anyone else has TV suggestions (because I have a lot of it in my future!) please share them in the comments. 

Marcus goes back to work on Tuesday. I an terrified to be home with two children. But it will be okay!  Because everyone else survives this!