(Almost) 39 Weeks

I should probably write a pregnancy update because this is, in true second-child tradition, the least well-documented pregnancy in the history of pregnancies.

Glitter is still living life on the inside.  I simultaneously want her to arrive ASAP and to stay in until 41 weeks.

At least 50% of the time, my hands are now defeating their carpal tunnel braces and are still falling asleep when I am asleep.

I have no cravings. I am down to about three or four styles of outfit I can still wear somewhat comfortably, and the only shoes I can really wear are flip flops.

It is very cool to be me, let me tell you.

I packed my hospital bag about two weeks ago and this week, I ordered some books for Critter for Glitter to “give” to him at the hospital.  The books have wheels that spin on the front and back covers so they should be a big hit.

Her nursery is (mostly) done.  We still need a nightstand to arrive so we can build it.  I need to put a few more things away.  Take another bag of things to the Goodwill.  Re-home some other things downstairs.  But functionally speaking, if we had to start using it tomorrow, we totally could.  That probably means that I should just get to work tomorrow night and finish all of the sorting out that I can.

As I think about what we could possibly be doing next week (having a baby or still…not) it’s continually bizarre to think that at the most, that is the farthest I can possibly plan anything and then we’ll just be living off of the land with a newborn.


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