19 Month Update!


Photo Credit: Marcus


If I do not write this now, then invariably Baby Sister will be here and your life of sharing everything and everyone will have begun.  You are still our spiffiest, nicest, most entertaining guy.  You are going to be the best big brother but at the same time, I am sad that this time of just Critter and Mama is coming to an end.

You continue to love it when we sing, and have expanded the repretoire of songs you will sing to yourself (ABCs, Frere Jacques, This Old Man).  You even chime in during your favorites and know how to ask specifically for certain songs.  Reading has become even more fun, if that was possible. With your favorite books, you know when to say certain words in certain places, and we continue to be fascinated by watching your mind at work.

You hate (HATE!) baggy clothes.  You just moved into 4T everything and you hate wearing your pajamas longer than you have to because the footies don’t fit just right and when Dad tried to dress you in track pants, you kept attacking your feet because they were loose and you did not like it at all.  So leggings it is!

The tantrums have started.  Since most of them can be diverted by moving up mealtime or forking over Goldfish, I think you’re mostly hungry, but there are some injustices in the world.  Like when you roll the balls from your ball pit under the couch and I don’t retrieve them for you (worst mama ever).  Or when you don’t want to get in your stroller but we need you to.

Cheese Eggs (aka scrambled eggs with shredded cheese on top) have become one of your favorite meals.  You learned how to dip meat into BBQ sauce (honestly I don’t know that you have tasted ketchup), know how to use a spoon but refuse to do it with us, and have fun gnawing on your fork.  After a summer filled with cheaper-than-life cherries, you’ve managed to trick everyone into buying late season cherries at $6 a pound for you.  There is no food that you get more excited about and you can eat a half pound in one go if you’re in the mood.  We are all going to be so sorry when the cherries are gone for good.  I only hope you get as excited next year.

On Wednesday, you will go to daycare for the first time and I’m sad not because you’re going to be away from me (I’ll be at work, where I always am on Wednesdays) but because it means that you’re getting bigger and this is just another of the many separations to come as you get older. Honestly, I think it was harder to have your “last days” at Nana and Baube’s houses!  You’ll still see them both all the time, but it is strange that you won’t go there at a regular time anymore.  We’ll start ECFE again in a few weeks with the same friends we met last year.  We’ll keep going to our Tuesday playgroup with the friends you have known since you were four months old.  We are lucky to have so many people in our lives!

Everything is about to change, but for right now it is simply The Same.  You are my favorite only son, the nicest boy, my best creation.




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