One Month!

Is how long we have been living in this house now (even though really, we’ve owned it for about five weeks).  It has been great, it has been weird.  Obviously for the next few years we will still be “learning” about the house and what it does/does not do.  Critter loves having his own yard.  It has been so nice to have neighbors around.  The second weekend we lived in the house, we went to one housewarming, and then another dip potluck across the street.  I aspire to host a party someday, but based on how our life looks right now, it’s probably going to be a year.

The only “project” we have left to do right now is having some insulation scraped off of the side of the house – the birds have left the nest and it will get taken care of at some point in mid-September.

Also, we really, really, really need to set-up Glitter’s nursery and source some rugs (I finally picked then out!) for the children’s rooms.

Because we are not totally incapable of doing our own house projects, two weekends ago we started to paint the trim on our entryway.

This is what it looked like before.

(Unpictured: the brown storm door we had Bruce replace)

And this is the in-progress after.

I will never understand why all the entryway trim was blue, when the rest of the trim on the house was white.  Approximately 1/3 of the area needs an additional coat of paint.  But it looks much sparkier, no?  Marcus and I also learned through this process that I paint twice as fast as he does and that there is a reason that in this season of our lives it is okay for us to pay other people to do things for us.

There is just not enough time and energy in the day.


2 responses to “One Month!

  1. Does indeed look more lovely! Well done. One of my recent takeaways is that the ability to pay others to complete tasks that save me time (and the associated mental headache) is common everywhere else in the world. I’m now a big believer of more of that approach in my life. In case more verification of this idea is helpful:

    • Thank you for sharing this article! You know we definitely try to do what we can on our own but I am now Very Aware of what is “worth it” to me to outsource.

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