Friday Food Round-Up!

There was…so much cooking this week and so much I just did not photograph. Like the chickpea salad I made for a lunch backup. The buffalo chicken dip I brought to our neighbors for a pot luck. The FOUR BATCHES of enchiladas I made (thank you Crockpot!) so that I could send two to new mama friends and two to our freezer.

Um, yeah.

Related/unrelated the Crockpot is saving my life right now. Mostly because the recipes I make in it are not complex and because it means dinner preparation is not as time sensitive.  This is probably just how it is going to be for the forseeable future.

Monday – Korean Beef Bowl with Green Beans and Rice

Bruce brought us a TON of green beans so we made them for this meal too.  Tasty.  Would make again.

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Lentils with Steamed Broccoli and Rice

Melissa sent me this recipe and swore the lentils did not taste like dirt.  Marcus LOVED it.  I thought it tasted like the healthiest thing I’ve eaten since I found out I was pregnant.  What was really superb is that this is a meal that FILLS the Crockpot, which means that you should also be able to freeze some of it (like us!).  Next time, I will make this with an extra sweet potato just because I feel like it adds.  The recipe says Salt To Taste, you’re gonna need about a teaspoon of coarse sea salt.

Thursday – Chili Cheese Tots

The last time it was Marcus’ turn to host poker night, he ended up having the guys over to his parents’ place because we were still in the townhouse and Critter’s nursery wall was against the main kitchen/living room area and there was just no space.  This week he finally got to host his crew at our house!  Since some of the group keeps kosher and some of the group doesn’t, I made a double batch of Simple, Perfect Chili without meat (and with many, many beans) for the guys (and me) to ladle over our tots.  I had them eat the meal out of Solo cups because they are taking over our cabinet right now and I want them gone.  Also it was a pretty good way to contain them and portion out the meal.


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