Still Settling In.

Y’all, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I Am Weary.  Every night after dinner and bedtime there are more things to do and there is just a point where I have to Sit Down because my body is DONE.

Bruce wrapped up his projects today (we had him for a grand total of seven days).  Like I have said before, this was not a “projects” house but there was still stuff we needed to do in order to make it “ours” and more useful to us.  I will now show you the projects I was most jazzed about.  Because if this is not an aspirational lifestyle blog I don’t know what is. 

First off, the entryway from our garage was a laundry room with a closet.  At some point the old owners got Extremely Clever and converted the closet into a mudroom-type space. The interior was lined with cedar paneling and they even left the bench they found to fit it (BLESS THEM).  However, I wanted a few hooks in there so that we could hang a coat in the winter/the diaper bag/my purse.


I am also inordinately proud of the Doesn’t Match Super Great But Works For Now Rug that is capturing all of the sand and dirt that was coming into the house and killing me slowly.

Also in the laundry room/mudroom, we had Bruce tear out the lower shelf in the cabinets hanging above the washer and dryer.  They were spaced 12″ or so apart which was exactly enough space for nothing.

Now we have space for many, logical, laundry-related things!

Finally the pantry.

The shelves!  So functional!

And because no home renovation is complete without unforseen projects, when they went to start replacing the support beams on our deck they found this rotting mess.

So who is getting a new deck off of their master suite right now?  That’s right!  Us!  It’s not something we were looking for in a house, nor is it why we bought the house but now that we know the opportunity exists, it is a non-negotiable.

You can also see the new stairs coming off of the main deck down to the backyard because prior to this week, you could not access the backyard from the back of the house. It’s a real quality-of-life thing. 


3 responses to “Still Settling In.

  1. Ahh home sweet home. From that aerial deck you will be the Quidditch referee of the Ithaca green space!

  2. I LOVE that mudroom/entryway! And a rotting deck replaced with a new one is our project this year, too…

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