I wish I could share a photo of our garden with you, but our house has no flowers.

Okay, that is a lie.  There is a peony bush on the side of the house.  But it bloomed approximately one week after our offer got accepted.

So, no flowers right now.

But here is this from our bedroom. It is like living in the tree!

Anyway, we are moved!  Our storage units are empty, all of our possessions have been evacuated from the multi-generational compound.  For the first time in five months, we are not living with two other people and for the first time in five months those two other people are not living with two other people and a boy king!

How freeing.

Because I am a pregnant and also we’re old now, we hired movers on Friday and that was a beautiful beautiful thing.  They hauled things about the house and as I watched them do it, I thought about how mad and sweaty I would be if I was moving things. But they weren’t!  Because this is their job!  And it was a miracle and then all of the things were in our house.

But then, on Saturday, we were blessed with nine people who unpacked everything (in addition to the two who helped us conquer our kitchen on Friday) on our main floor and in our bedrooms so that we could live like civilized human beings and also because I am having a baby in 7.5 weeks.

And now, since time stops for no one, we are filling our house with humans, moreso than is probably advisable when you’ve been living on the premises for less than a week.  First, Lindsey came over for dinner on Monday night.  Yesterday, I hosted the weekly playdate for my playgroup because Lord knows I owe them five months worth and what better way to christen the floors than with the shards of many, many Goldfish crackers?  Tomorrow, our ECFE friends are coming to play.  Angie is coming to breakfast on Sunday.

Between closing and last Friday (so, a week) Bruce painted Critter’s big boy room, Glitter’s nursery, ripped out a sliding glass door attached to the bathtub in the kids’ bathroom.  Painted the interior of our entryway closet.  Built shelves into the cabinet we’re going to use as a pantry.  Removed all of the mini-blinds in the house.  Installed cordless blinds on every window in the house.  Tomorrow he will start work on the next round of projects – he will replace some doors, paint the basement white (there are magic eraser spots everywhere), rip out the bottom shelf from the above-laundry cabinets so that we can actually store detergent and other such items in them.  Fix Glitter’s door so it doesn’t stick when you pull it shut.  Install a laser level safety thing on the garage door that is missing them.  Bolt our toilets to the floor (they’re not…it’s bizarre).  On Monday, another contractor will come out to build stairs onto our lower deck (right now it has none), replace the support posts and crossbeam on our master suite deck.  Re-do the venting on our dryer and fix some masonry.


But our house looks very spiffy now.

And to think we still need a kitchen table.  Rugs for many rooms.  Coffee tables for the family room.  A television for the main floor.  Lamps because there is like NO OVERHEAD LIGHTING IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE.

It’s a good thing that we have 7.5 weeks to finish getting settled.



3 responses to “Moving.

  1. The quiet of your own home is a wonderful thing to behold. When we moved in here we wanted our sounds to fill the walls. You are up to the very same thing.

  2. Sliding glass door next to the bathtub…what!?

    For real though – mazel tov on your new home!

  3. There is zero shame in paying other people to take care of household maintenance/fixer upper items!! Ain’t nobody got time for all that stuff with little kids running around!

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