Mom Life (and a nearly 18 month old update)

Y’all, I just want you to know that you have not truly LIVED until you are sitting in the dermatologist’s office, feeding your child raisins one-by-one during what should be naptime as the dermatologist chops a lump off of your ear for further inspection.

But you get through it because You’re A Mom Now.

Anyway, I haven’t written an update about Critter in a while nor have I written an update about this pregnancy and since we’re moving tomorrow, if I don’t do it now, you probably won’t get one until Glitter is here (I sort of kid, but seriously).

This is the pregnancy of weird skin spots, though the dermatologist wasn’t overly concerned about it and thought it was probably a pyogenic granuloma.

Otherwise, I don’t have gestational diabetes.  My weight gain is only tracking a few pounds ahead of pregnancy #1.  Everything hurts, my sleep is trash and in approximately eight weeks Glitter will be here.  HEY.

Since I am not a gestational diabetic I have been keeping up my rigorous diet of sweets.

Critter is the world’s cutest, most rambunctious toddler.

He knows how to make all animal sounds.  He just learned how to climb up on things and it is horrifying.  He still wants to be carried everywhere.  He blows kisses to everyone.  He can eat a half pound of cherries in one sitting and there is no one I would rather pit cherries for.  At his 18 month appointment, he weighed in at 31 pounds and 3 feet tall.  So I have a preschooler who will be transitioning into 4T clothing very shortly.  If I could keep him this age forever, I would because it is precious, but the amount of energy it takes to sustain this lifestyle is simply exhausting so I am enjoying it for what it is.


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