Someday We Are Moving

Hello, hello.

The countdown is on.  We close on the 13th.  We move on the 21st.  When we make our great escape, we will have been dwelling on the multi-generational compound for nearly five months.

Since pretty much our entire house is in a pair of storage units, there is not a lot of packing that will be done until the weekend we move which is weirdly awesome and anti-climatic all at once.  I’ll throw the clothing/toiletries that Critter and I need into some bags (Marcus has to pack himself, okay?), and then we’ll just haul the rest over for settling.  The other nice part about this is that if we don’t get EVERYTHING moved out of the compound in one weekend, it doesn’t really matter because we can always just drive down the street to get it later that week.

I need to order us five chests of drawers from IKEA because I have no dressers, Marcus only has one, and Glitter has zero.  Shout-out to my brother, who will be building most of them.

Bruce will come to paint the nurseries and the basement before we move in.  We’ll do some very non-glamorous projects (re-doing venting, scraping off insulation, etc.), build a stair off of our deck, and fix some other deck structure issues, hang cordless blinds.  Paint some trim white.

Did I mention we don’t have a kitchen table?  Because we need one of those, too.

What I’m most excited about: Cooking in my new kitchen?  What Marcus is most excited about: Being reunited with our Wusthof knives.  My parents’ cooking knives are terrible.

What I will miss the most: The Laundry Fairy.  Just yesterday I brought my laundry up to the laundry room to do it and when I returned, the laundry was running.  When I returned again, the dryer was running!  Our new house does not come with one of these!  What I will miss the second-most: Having someone else cook me dinner.  What I will miss third most: How easy it was to go on dates together with live-in babysitters.  What I will miss fourth most: full-cable.

Anyway, someday we are (really) moving!



One response to “Someday We Are Moving

  1. Exciting indeed! Maybe your laundry fairy will walk down the street and visit you!

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