Your Regular Dermatology PSA

Good morning, party-people.

Just some PSAs as you go about your summer.  Most Independence Day weekends I would be writing this from the cabin, but since Billy is not coming home until next weekend, we are staying home and going up next weekend.

  1. Wear sunscreen.  I feel like we are still only becoming proficient at this, but having a toddler that we have to put sunscreen on helps us to remember.
  2. Stop tanning on purpose.  In chairs, in tanning beds, all of it.  It is terrible for you.
  3. If you have never been, now is the time to get yourself a dermatologist and have you skin checked.
  4. If you don’t have a dermatologist and you live in the Twin Cities, feel free to message me and I’ll share the info for mine with you.

All of this because on Father’s Day I discovered a random-as-hell black spot on the pad of my index finger.  I messaged my dermatologist and her office (after calling me) said Yes Come In So We Can See This Too.  It ended up being a small blood blister with an even tinier sliver underneath.  I did not remember getting the sliver, you could not see it underneath my skin, and no one in my family could agree that it looked like a blood blister and not a bad mole.  ANYWAY WE WERE ALL VERY RELIEVED.  AND I HAVE THIS BLOG SO I CAN CONFESS THINGS LIKE THIS TO YOU ON THE INTERNET.

As we all know, I have a history of growing (and re-growing) abnormal moles.  I did not know this about myself until 2014.

Moral of the story: We can all make choices that make us less prone to skin cancer.  If skin cancer is discovered early enough, often times the only treatment needed to cure it is removal.  Going to the dermatologist to have your skin checked is Important.  The End.


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