Someday We Are Moving: Month 4

Here we are.  At the beginning of June.  The fourth month on the multi-generational compound.

Time flies when you are living all together as one!

We saw our 30th house on Saturday, put in an offer on Sunday (we also made an offer on a house earlier in the week that we did NOT get), and on Monday we found out that we got the house!


We will close on July 13, pending a successful inspection.  Prayers please, party people.  It really does look like a well-maintained house, but we all know surprises can lurk beneath the surface.

From the department of irony of all ironies, we will be living just around the corner from my parents’ house.  What makes this okay is the fact that we will not be able to see their house from ours.  The block we are moving to is filled with families with toddlers, one of Critter’s friends from ECFE lives in the next cul-de-sac, Baby G lives three blocks away, and a sorority sister of mine lives probably five or six blocks north of us with her little family.  There are three parks within six blocks of our house and another that is half a mile away (still walkable!).  It is a 3-5 minute drive from the library, Blooma/my yoga studio, Target, and the grocery store.  And it’s only a mile away from my in-laws!  We are all near. 

It has a big, flat backyard, and a dining room.  And a private deck off of the master suite that I plan to be able to enjoy in approximately five years.

I believe God provisions us for our lives and even though we have been driving past this house since April 2016 when my parents moved in, we couldn’t have imagined that THIS is where we would be living.  Until we could.

Anyway, besides getting the inspection done and the mortgage sorted out, there’s really nothing to be done for the next 40 or so days besides splash our feet in the kiddie pool and enjoy the summer.


2 responses to “Someday We Are Moving: Month 4

  1. Sounds like a perfect location for you! I hope everything goes smoothly. Cheers~

  2. Fingers crossed! Sounds like heaven.

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