Memorial Day Weekend

Stuff that is true about taking a toddler Up North: It is infinitely easier than taking up a finicky infant.

I may have set an extremely low bar, but last year, our drives to/from the cabin included 1-2 stops to nurse and change diapers on our 2.5 hour journey, a tiny tyrant who would refuse to nap for more than 20 minutes and be VERY overtired, and screaming for the portion of the drive from Garrison to Crosslake.

This year?  We left to drive to/from at about 6:30 AM after Critter woke, fed him quesadillas/pouch/raisins/milk on the way up, stopped for a diaper change and running around about halfway through, and even though there was some complaining by the end, it was a VASTLY improved situation over last year.

There was lots to do and see since he is a big boy now and not an infant!

We went to the park, and then stopped by the dam.  

Critter was fascinated.

We stopped by the Northern Trackers Train Museum in Crosslake for the first time.

There is no set admission price, they’re only open two times per week and they only take donations.  I’d definitely recommend a visit if you have kids and you’re in the area.

When Critter discovered that the lake in our backyard was essentially a giant kiddie pool, he was thrilled and delighted. 

And he only wanted to splash if he was wearing his play clothes, and not his swim shirt and diaper, but what are you gonna do.

On Saturday night, Marcus and I took the canoe out on the lake and I did a bit of fishing.  

We didn’t bring our phones with so there are no photos but I caught a northern and a small bass.  It was nice to get back into it again, and honestly I think the last time I caught something in a canoe was elementary school with a cane pole so there is that.

We went to Gull Dam Brewery and met up with Amanda, Mike, and Baby O and all was well until there was a torrential downpour.

We ate some Zorbaz pizza.  And some maple-sprinkle cake donuts.  All was well.


2 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I always say I’m going to wait until Saturday morning to drive up, but then I want to wake up up north. Although I’m sure my thoughts on that will change once i have others in the car with me!

    • Cosign on wanting to wakeup there. That was a hard call this time but avoiding traffic and the thought that maybe he would just run around for 15 mins and take his first nap at the cabin (v having to go straight to bed for the night from the carseat and screaming about it) tempted us enough to try it this time. Choices!!!

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