An (un) Day In The Life

This morning, I decided it might be nice to do a Day In The Life post.  I got as far as this…

…and then I got dressed, dropped Critter off at Baube’s house, drove to work and promptly forgot about it.


On Tuesday, we discovered that the neighborhood fox ate the duck nest in our garden and that was a dark, dark time for all members of the multi-generational compound.  We are still in mourning.

I also made a Target run (before the dark discovery) and picked up a few more things to get me through the rest of the summer – a few “swimsuits” (sports bras/bikini bottoms), another maternity tank, and a few pairs of sport-shorts.  The shorts look like a tent but they are comfy as hell and the only thing that is true is that I have 17 weeks to get bigger.

A few weeks ago, I bought a new 2017 – 2018 planner (July – July) at Target.  It was Ampersand for Blue Sky.  It was $7.99.

I really don’t need a $50 planner anymore (or possibly ever again) and the size of this planner is great because right now, I really can’t plan more than two daytime activities and like, a once a week girlfriend get together.  Anyway, I got the Blue Sky Day Designer last year and also loved that (it just wasn’t released at the point that I bought this planner) and would recommend.

So, that’s life right now. 


3 responses to “An (un) Day In The Life

  1. Will look forward to hearing your thoughts on Option B whenever the next “What I’ve been Reading” post comes out. Thanks for a peek into the day to day!

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