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16 months!

Apparently I haven’t dedicated a post just to Critter for a while.  But he is 16 months old now.  And continues to be the most loveable human in existence. 

  • He “whistles.”  About a week ago, I was whistling to Critter and he wanted to whistle back so he pursed his lips just like mine and started hooting and it was really the cutest thing.
  • He runs everywhere now.
  • He is becoming deeply proficient at animal sounds and it is adorable.
  • I think he is on the cusp of dropping down to one nap. This week will be the decision-maker. 
  • We finished ECFE two weeks ago.  It was such a good year and so fun to watch Critter grow from the start of the school year until the end.  He is still a shy guy, but watching him come out of his shell around his little friends and his teachers was great.  I’m looking forward to class next year!
  • Last week, I pulled out a baby doll while I was reading to Critter and he was completely disgusted by it.  At first he was appalled that I was calling something other than him “baby” and then each time I picked it up and he was nearby, he touchdown spiked it to the ground.  So, I think having a baby sister is going to go over well!
  • When he wants to go somewhere he brings me MY shoes.  When we’re getting ready to go somewhere, he brings me MY shoes.  He will not even consider bringing Marcus his shoes until I have both of my shoes in-hand.  If I am already wearing shoes, if he feels that I should be wearing a different pair, he brings me those.
  • Starting this fall, he will go to daycare (they call themselves a “school” but he’s a toddler so let’s be real about this) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and a half-day on Friday.  Honestly, I feel totally fine about this.
  • Over mother’s day weekend, we bought an Osprey hiking backpack.  Critter was getting too heavy for Marcus to carry him in the Becco and he really does like being carried when we walk.  Even though we do absolutely no outdoors things (and had to repeatedly swear this to the REI staff when we were testing the backpack out in the store), it is great for our evening walks around the neighborhood, and I am sure will also be a hit at the zoo/state fair/other really busy public gatherings.  So far, when it isn’t being used for its true purpose, he really loves to read books in it which is hysterical.
  • Now that he is getting bigger (and ECFE is over for the year), I have been trying to plan some new outings for us. Last week we visited the Eastman Nature Center and this week we went to the very cool play area at the Brooklyn Park Library.  If you are in the NW metro area and have tots 11/10 recommend. 
  • I forgot to mention this/haven’t written a post about Critter in months, but we stopped cloth diapering around 14.5 months?  Basically he was peeing through all of them. Even with doublers. Even with two doublers at night. Also he was outgrowing the size two diapers because as we all know he is tall and heavy and so there wasn’t another size to do because at that point usually you are supposed to arrive at the promised land of potty traininf except HE IS 16 MONTHS OLD. Anyway, he wears the ALDI brand diapers during the day, the Huggies night diapers at night and it’s fine. 

Memorial Day Weekend

Stuff that is true about taking a toddler Up North: It is infinitely easier than taking up a finicky infant.

I may have set an extremely low bar, but last year, our drives to/from the cabin included 1-2 stops to nurse and change diapers on our 2.5 hour journey, a tiny tyrant who would refuse to nap for more than 20 minutes and be VERY overtired, and screaming for the portion of the drive from Garrison to Crosslake.

This year?  We left to drive to/from at about 6:30 AM after Critter woke, fed him quesadillas/pouch/raisins/milk on the way up, stopped for a diaper change and running around about halfway through, and even though there was some complaining by the end, it was a VASTLY improved situation over last year.

There was lots to do and see since he is a big boy now and not an infant!

We went to the park, and then stopped by the dam.  

Critter was fascinated.

We stopped by the Northern Trackers Train Museum in Crosslake for the first time.

There is no set admission price, they’re only open two times per week and they only take donations.  I’d definitely recommend a visit if you have kids and you’re in the area.

When Critter discovered that the lake in our backyard was essentially a giant kiddie pool, he was thrilled and delighted. 

And he only wanted to splash if he was wearing his play clothes, and not his swim shirt and diaper, but what are you gonna do.

On Saturday night, Marcus and I took the canoe out on the lake and I did a bit of fishing.  

We didn’t bring our phones with so there are no photos but I caught a northern and a small bass.  It was nice to get back into it again, and honestly I think the last time I caught something in a canoe was elementary school with a cane pole so there is that.

We went to Gull Dam Brewery and met up with Amanda, Mike, and Baby O and all was well until there was a torrential downpour.

We ate some Zorbaz pizza.  And some maple-sprinkle cake donuts.  All was well.

Friday Food Round-Up!

This weekend we are headed Up North.  For now, what we ate this week.

Saturday – Lasagna, Asian Salad Mix from Costco

Mom made a dinner that we all brought to Jonathon and Melissa’s for dinner.  It was such a fun meal with all of us and the tots around the table and Critter was just delighted by the lasagna.

Monday – Baked Salmon, Roasted Broccoli, Roasted Potatoes, Salad

Mom made this dinner and it was (1) tasty and (2) I didn’t have to cook.

Tuesday – French Stew, Salad, Pavlova

Family friends came to dinner and it was delightful.

Wednesday – Sesame-Soy Grilled Chicken with Vegetables, Pot Stickers, Egg Rolls

This dinner was like, pathologically easy.  We were originally going to serve it with some Trader Joe’s frozen mini-wontons but they ended up getting served as an appetizer for Tuesday’s dinner.  So I had Marcus make a takeout run to get some (unhealthy) treats to supplement our (healthy) meal.

Miscellaneous – Warm Cauliflower and Herbed Barley Salad


This was my lunchtime salad of the week.  This has actually been a pretty good system, so I’m working to figure out what I’ll make for next week’s work lunches!

An (un) Day In The Life

This morning, I decided it might be nice to do a Day In The Life post.  I got as far as this…

…and then I got dressed, dropped Critter off at Baube’s house, drove to work and promptly forgot about it.


On Tuesday, we discovered that the neighborhood fox ate the duck nest in our garden and that was a dark, dark time for all members of the multi-generational compound.  We are still in mourning.

I also made a Target run (before the dark discovery) and picked up a few more things to get me through the rest of the summer – a few “swimsuits” (sports bras/bikini bottoms), another maternity tank, and a few pairs of sport-shorts.  The shorts look like a tent but they are comfy as hell and the only thing that is true is that I have 17 weeks to get bigger.

A few weeks ago, I bought a new 2017 – 2018 planner (July – July) at Target.  It was Ampersand for Blue Sky.  It was $7.99.

I really don’t need a $50 planner anymore (or possibly ever again) and the size of this planner is great because right now, I really can’t plan more than two daytime activities and like, a once a week girlfriend get together.  Anyway, I got the Blue Sky Day Designer last year and also loved that (it just wasn’t released at the point that I bought this planner) and would recommend.

So, that’s life right now. 

Friday Food Round-Up!

We did not cook a lot this week.  Everyone was out of the house and going in different directions and doing different things.  Here’s what we ate.  Also, I am reliably informed that Mom actioned some stuffed peppers on Tuesday night, but since I was not present, they will live on in mystery.

Saturday – Prime Rib, Baked Potatoes, Salad, Yorkshire Pudding, Bread, Ile de Flottante

Sally came over for dinner and Mom wheeled out the tastiest things, including this ile de flottante-arrangement which is apparently a dessert the three of them enjoyed many times while they were in north France.  11/10 would eat again.

Sunday – Scrambled Eggs, Scones, Fruit, Cheese, Salumi

Mother’s day brunch!  Mom made the eggs, I brought the scones home from the (delightful) Colossal Cafe in Minneapolis.

Monday – Coconut Curry Shrimp, Steamed Rice, Roasted Broccoli, Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan

Mom saw the Pioneer Woman make this curry and then it went onto this week’s meal plan.  She reported it was not terribly time consumptive to make.

Miscellaneous – Roasted Cauliflower, Feta and Orzo Salad from Cravings

This week, I made another salad I could take to work for lunch.  I haven’t made this one in a while, so it seemed like a logical choice.


22 Weeks!

I am…over halfway done being pregnant?  I will also say that this is the point of pregnancy that I consider to be peak-cute.  You like, finally look pretty pregnant, but not so big that you look like you’re going to imminently give birth…FOR THREE MONTHS.

Getting into bed has started to be a massive pain.  Which is only hilarious because right now our box spring and mattress are on the ground and not in a bed frame so I don’t even have to climb.  True story: Marcus and I have discussed the possibility that when we move, maybe we won’t set-up our bed frame right away because the thought of having to start climbing into bed after all of this not-climbing is horrifying in the context of third trimester pregnancy.

In the last week or so, I’ve finally been in the mood to eat actual “real” food instead of all-carbs, all the time so that has been…an interesting change?  The french fry life was not a bad one, but it is nice to want to eat vegetables again.

I will also say we had the anatomy ultrasound last week.  The little one looks perfectly healthy and…it’s a GIRL!  We weren’t going to find out the sex and then finally I just needed to know.  We didn’t do any sort of flashy gender-reveal.  We just told our parents, and then, our siblings, and then finally Marcus’ grandparents on Mother’s Day.  No cake.  No balloons popping out of a box.  No confetti out of balloons.  I think we all know I’m just not that person.  It was still lovely without those trappings.  Allison /Beka/Jeanne/Kirsten/Madelyn/Megan have been calling her “Glitter” since I told them that I was pregnant.  Best name, right?  I think that’s probably what we’ll call her on the blog from here on out.

Critter still has no idea that he’s getting a little sister.  Even though we should be getting ready to welcome her, I’m just trying to soak up the last 18 weeks of it being just me and my best little partner in crime.

What I’ve Been Reading

I can’t say my reading pace is increasing, per se, but at least I’m trying?  I’ll also say that 100% of these books took just ages to read.

Settle for More by Megyn Kelly

Settle for More

History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund

History of Wolves

All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Anders

All the Birds in the Sky

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

Truly Madly Guilty