19 Week Update

This photo is actually from Friday so, 18 weeks 5 days but it’s my second baby so it’s all really the same now. 

This weekend I woke up and was like You Are Pregnant.

I had to add ANOTHER pillow to our bed, which was dire.

I still feel fine, the baby has started to kick, the anatomy scan is next week, and I am still at a place where I cannot REALLY envision that in five months we will have a newborn.  But apparently this is what is going to happen so I am getting on board.

We’ve planned our babymoon.

JW Marriot Desert Ridge

In June, over our anniversary weekend, we are headed down to the JW Marriot Desert Ridge in Phoenix for a LONG weekend sitting by the (salt water) pool with (virgin) Pina Coladas.  I really wanted nothing more than a vacation where we did nothing at all, because we haven’t been on one of those since…2008?  Since Zika rules out most tropical areas and we are very obviously not at a point where we have the time to get to/from Hawaii, Phoenix was a great choice.  I cannot wait.

Otherwise, right now I am just living the dream chasing a toddler who can never seem to decide whether he wants to be running around or carried.  There’s really not a lot of time to overthink this one.



3 responses to “19 Week Update

  1. Phoenix and pool and sun sound so excellent.

  2. Such a cute bump! Also, tell me about that dress, super cute!

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