Happy Monday, everybody!

Apparently I haven’t “just posted” in nearly two weeks so a few updates are in order, I suppose.

Critter is one week into his 10 day dose of antibiotics for a double ear infection.  He actually seems to enjoy these ones so it has been nice that this hasn’t been as much of a battle as medications past.

The spring weather this weekend was delightful.  We spent so much time going for walks, running around the backyard, playing at the park, and trying to eat dead leaves.  It is so good to be outside again!

In the past two weeks, we’ve visited three houses and seriously considered making an offer on one.  It had the most perfect backyard (the lot was an acre!) and overlooked a large marsh and then farmland beyond it.  But, for a number of other reasons it was not the one.

I finally finished watching season one of Victoria.  Now, I need to get back into The Crown.  Other shows I am watching: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, Quantico.  Other shows we are watching: Planet Earth, Designated Survivor.

I lasted approximately one week without a cold and then on Wednesday or so, a new one came roaring in.  So that has been pretty fun. I’m really tired of being congested.  But right now my immune system is about as strong as Critter’s so, there’s not much to be done there.

When Jillian and I were on a walk on Sunday, we were discussing my pregnancy and it was simply unbelievable that I am already 17 weeks along.  We have done literally no planning at all.  What we need: a crib, a crib mattress, a double stroller, another soft-structured carrier, a hiking backpack for Critter.  I’m still just happy we’re at a point where I can simply focus on being pregnant.

Things I need to schedule for my own self-care: a haircut (omg my ends are terrible and I have been putting it off for no reason) a prenatal massage with the gift card I got LAST mother’s day.  Possibly a pedicure. 

Passover starts tonight.  Last year Critter screamed through both Seders so pretty much anything we achieve this year will be an improvement. When I was working through a meal plan this week, I looked back at what we did last year and I still have no idea how we cooked that much food with a three month old.  It’s best not to overthink. 


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