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Friday Food Round-Up!

So, here is a thing that exists in our life: The Sloth Pot.  What is the Sloth Pot?  It is when I plan a crockpot dinner, and then ask Mom if she wants me to assemble it in advance and have, say, her or Marcus get it started OR if she would be able to just assemble it and get it started on her own.  So far, she has picked option B, which has now made the crockpot literally the laziest method of cooking because all I have to do is find the recipe.  I call it Sloth Potting.

Friday – Slow Cooker Indian Butter Chicken, Steamed Rice, Naan

This was great, and I will say that I appreciated that the spice list included really basic stuff like curry powder.  (1) All of our Indian spices are in storage, (2) a short spice list makes the recipe easier to assemble.

Sunday – Crab, Broccoli Orzo Salad, Garlic Bread

When Billy is home, we eat crab and it is a delightful family time.  Also, I ate more crab than what is pictured.

Tuesday – Mexican Lasagna, Salad

Mom made this.  I wasn’t originally going to be home but a girl date got cancelled.

Wednesday – Hot Sausage and Cabbage Stir-Fry with Chives, Steamed Broccoli

Honestly, I didn’t eat the broccoli, but Marcus did.  The wraps had mushrooms and cabbage in them so I felt like there were more than enough vegetables there.  I would say this would be a great fast weeknight dinner (if you needed to eat something easy, not sure about the prep).

Thursday – Chicken with Buttery Orzo, Roasted Romaine Salad with Crisped Proscuitto and Blue Cheese

This recipe actually calls for skin-on chicken thighs but I wasn’t sure if both of my parents were on board with those, so we used chicken breasts instead.  The orzo was delicious but more time intensive than the recipe suggested (like, it didn’t take 10-15 minutes).

Mom made the salad.  It was fantastic.

Some faves.

Some faves.  Because I need to get out all of my maternity clothes and do a closet swap but I am procrastinating because it seems like SO MUCH WORK and also, right now I am using a stainless steel shelving unit as my clothing rack so the inspiration just is not there.

These earrings from Target (not an affiliate link!).  

Earrings 04272017

They’re a really cheap knockoff of the Kiki McDonough ones that Kate Middleton wears.  I found them when I was cruising looking for my regular $7.99 three pack of graduated pearl earrings because I needed a re-stock.  Anyway, they caught my eye and now I own them.

Grapefruit Spindrift Sparkling Water.

I put off trying this for a long time because it is $3.99 for four cans at Trader Joe’s (outrageous!), but I did and it is a fantastic treat.

Dried Mango.

I bought this on impulse at ALDI a few weeks ago and now it is a weekly thing, except for this week when they were sold completely out.  I have been waiting all week to go back and buy it again because I am addicted.  Dried mango = the tastiest snack.

Instagram Stories.

(1) If you’re not following me on Instagram, do so.  Obviously. (2) A few weeks ago I looked at my Instagram feed and realized that I am legitimately terrible at posting photos with any regularity.  So I started posting photos and videos to my story because for whatever reason that just seems more…manageable right now?  I write with the neon glowing pen tool a lot and most of my shares are bad selfies, or food I am eating but that’s pretty much Instagram in a nutshell.  Am I right?

19 Week Update

This photo is actually from Friday so, 18 weeks 5 days but it’s my second baby so it’s all really the same now. 

This weekend I woke up and was like You Are Pregnant.

I had to add ANOTHER pillow to our bed, which was dire.

I still feel fine, the baby has started to kick, the anatomy scan is next week, and I am still at a place where I cannot REALLY envision that in five months we will have a newborn.  But apparently this is what is going to happen so I am getting on board.

We’ve planned our babymoon.

JW Marriot Desert Ridge

In June, over our anniversary weekend, we are headed down to the JW Marriot Desert Ridge in Phoenix for a LONG weekend sitting by the (salt water) pool with (virgin) Pina Coladas.  I really wanted nothing more than a vacation where we did nothing at all, because we haven’t been on one of those since…2008?  Since Zika rules out most tropical areas and we are very obviously not at a point where we have the time to get to/from Hawaii, Phoenix was a great choice.  I cannot wait.

Otherwise, right now I am just living the dream chasing a toddler who can never seem to decide whether he wants to be running around or carried.  There’s really not a lot of time to overthink this one.


Surviving the Hair Salon

On Friday, I got my hair cut.

This is not a post pandering for compliments (but feel free to leave those in the comments anyway).  But mostly to tell you about my extremely bizarre salon experience.

When I get my hair cut, I just call the salon and ask for whoever is available to cut my hair in that time frame on that particular day.  My hair is straight, with no texture.  It’s not colored.  It does not hold curl.  As long as I don’t get That Stylist Who Really Believes They Can Give It Some Shape (they can’t), I’m in a good place.  Anyone can cut my hair.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that on Friday, I listened to my salon confirmation call to discover that the receptionist thought my appointment was on Saturday (it wasn’t, I booked it for a Friday and my mother witnessed me making the appointment) and I was just happy to be able to have my hair cut at all on Friday.

On this particular visit, we started off with New Stylist apologizing for being five minutes late because her friend had stopped by with her puppy.

Me: Great.

After New Stylist and I returned from the wash station, she apologized.  Again.

For seeming distracted because they were shutting down April the Giraffe’s feed at 3:30 PM (my appointment started at 3:15).  And she sort of gestured to the iPad that was streaming the feed in the empty station next to us.

I will now take a moment to say the following: (1) It was at this point I was not entirely convinced that I was going to escape the salon with any hair left on my head and, (2) The only things I know about April the Giraffe are that she had the baby, it took a really long time, and that you could watch it on the internet.

Like, you guys I just cannot do it.

She then went on to talk about how emotional she found the giraffe to be and what a connection she had to April and how this was NOT the same as the DNR Eagle Nest Cams.

It was at this point that I realized that she was wearing an I Survived April The Giraffe Shirt.  As I continued to watch her cut my hair in the mirror, I noticed an “It’s a Boy!” birth announcement bunting above the mirror.  Giraffe figurines in the styling products cubby, one of which wore an “April” tag, and one station over, an “It’s a Boy!” mylar balloon.

It was all really too much.

Friday Food Round-Up!

Last weekend, The Universe delivered unto us an abundance of new recipes to try. We’re still working through them!  It was also Passover (until Tuesday) and Easter weekend. We planned meals that Marcus could eat around to be very observant, meals that I could sort of be observant with and the whole family ate.

Friday – One Skillet Steak and Spring Veg with Spicy Mustard, Potato Salad

This was a great meal. We’d work it into next year’s Passover menu and general rotation for sure.

Saturday – Steak, Baked Potatoes, Salad

We eat a lot of beef now, in case you haven’t noticed.

Sunday – Scrambled Eggs, Hashbrowns, Bacon, Cinnamon Rolls

Easter breakfast!  I scrambled the eggs and picked out the cinnamon rolls so that counts for something. Right? I cannot tell you what the mystery pastry item is but I think it came from the Trader Joe’s freezer case.

Monday – Brisket, Tots, Baked Beans, Asparagus Salad, Bread, Coleslaw

This was a combo of leftovers and new things (tots, slaw, beans).

Wednesday – Crockpot Creamy Chicken Enchilada Chili, Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Cornbread from Cravings

I actually saw this recipe on Lag Liv (also her blog is great, read it!) and knew immediately we needed to make it.  It’s a true dump into the crockpot meal which makes it the best kind. Even better, Mom dumped it into the crockpot for me!

Also, it is salty enough you do not need to do the seasoned salt (we omitted) and if you want a kick, add some cayenne.

An Easter Weekend Update.

As I am writing this, I am sitting with my feet up because I spent the last two days (mostly) on my feet and more importantly, I survived two days without napping in the afternoon when Critter was napping.  For those not in the loop, I’ve pretty consistently napped in the afternoon when Critter naps since he started napping for more than 20 minutes at a time.  ANYWAY, I was strong!  I stayed up!  With the help of cold brew iced coffee, Amen.

Between Passover and Easter we have Had Some Holiday Time.  Also holidays are so much more fun with a toddler than a screaming newborn, I am just going to say.  Everything about this week was a million times nicer/easier/more relaxed than last year. 

Most importantly, Billy came home.  And because I am incapable of photographing anything anymore, I made him take a selfie with me after Easter was over because, you know, memories.

On Saturday, we went and painted pallets because I promised cousin Sharon last summer that we would do this.

My sign will be going up north to the cabin.

We colored eggs, and after a family vote, agreed that Mom did not need to unearth the Easter baskets that are buried somewhere in the basement, ostensibly in the same area as the missing Christmas ornaments.

Our baskets were instead a modern art piece.

The weekend was delightful, it was warm enough that I could wheel out a maxi dress.  I’m at that weird point in my pregnancy where I’m not quite big enough for maternity clothes yet (except for jeans, I have been wearing those since the six week mark, my God).  I’m also at a point where I outright hate everything I own because I haven’t had a real wardrobe refresh since I finished buying maternity clothes at the end of 2015.  SUFFICE IT TO SAY THAT I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SAY, JANUARY 2018 TO PURCHASE SOME ACTUAL ADULT CLOTHES AND FIGURE OUT WHAT IS EVEN COOL TO BE WEARING ANYMORE.

But, back to the maxi dress thing.  I am beyond ready for the weather to be consistently toasty enough that I can just…wear them.  I don’t find them to be terribly glamorous, but I do find them to be less frumpy and slightly more put together looking than say, yoga pants AKA Our True Uniform.

Friday Food Round-Up!

TGIF!  Passover started on Monday night, so I really don’t know where this week went.  At all.  I will also say this was probably my worst week on record for photoing our dinners.  Ever.  Like, probably I could have snapped the steak and salad and potatoes we had on Saturday night.  Or the Seder dinners.  Or the matzo pizza.  I didn’t you guys.  Just use your imaginations.

Sunday – Pizza, Chopped Salad


Thursday – Salmon, Baked Potatoes, Salad, Parsley-ed Carrots

This was a really delicious slice of salmon, I will say.