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This is me, trying to write a normal blog post.

As you can see, Uncle Billy was home this weekend!  Critter was still on the mend, but he was happy to sit next to him and play, pet his beard and even gave him a cuddle at one point.  It was pretty cute to see.

What else happened?  Martha was in town so we went to Bacio for dinner on Friday night with a group of our sorority sisters.  I wore adult clothes and my hair down and it felt very glamorous.  After a LONG week, it was a great thing to look forward to.  One of the mamas in my mama group declared an impromptu wine night on Saturday, so after dinner was finished and put away I headed over to that.  It was nice to catch up with those ladies WITHOUT having to keep an eye on the little ones.  We laughed so hard we cried and it was a beautiful thing.  Since Critter was sick for Zayde’s 60th birthday, we missed his brunch (Marcus went, we stayed behind).  On Sunday morning we got to go to breakfast with him at Fat Nat’s.

It was busy.

And the rest of the time when we were not eating, Billy and Marcus were hauling things to the storage unit and re-arranging some things in my parents’ house so that we can move there.  In one week.  I wrangled Critter and it was just a whole thing.  By the time that Sunday night arrived, we were on the couch and done with all of it.

Friday Food Round-Up!

Before we get into it, does anyone have the new Skinnytaste Fast/Slow cookbook and if so, how do you like it?  It sounds like it could be a good one for our lifestyle but since I really don’t NEED more cookbooks I am hesitant. 

Marcus was out of town this week, so I already had plans to subsist Tuesday through Thursday and then Critter got sick again and the whole thing was just a survivalist-style journey.

I know I haven’t written a ton other than the weekly round-up lately, I promise I am trying to get back into some sort of blogging routine. Last weekend I thought I would do a recap of our adventures but the only pictures I took were of my Friday night sushi and the HBO documentary, Becoming Warren Buffett.  Someday!

Anyway, if you’re still sticking with the program, thank you.

Without further adieu, what we ate!

Saturday – Chicken Tacos, Black Beans, Cilantro-Lime Rice

We were supposed to have friends over for dinner and then we did not. We still needed to feast!

Sunday – Help with Hamburger from Farmhouse Rules, Peas

I forgot to take a picture of this one, y’all.  Probably because I whipped it up for Marcus and Critter and then went off to book club.  Next time.

Monday – Garden Pie

I made this so I would have something to subsist on while Marcus was away.

Thursday – Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Honestly, my original plan was “baked potatoes” but when Critter and I went on a milk run on Thursday morning, chuck roast was on sale.  I quickly Googled a recipe, threw a roast in my cart and then promptly tossed the whole thing into the Crockpot when we got home.

I felt like a Domestic Goddess for having this dinner together after Marcus came home from his business trip.

Miscellaneous – Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I’ve been craving this for about a month now but have not had the time for baking. It’s possible I’ll make ANOTHER loaf next week.

It’s getting a little ridiculous.

On the 10th day of Critter’s first round of antibiotics ever, his fever returned.  And, after another trip to the doctor’s office (on advice of the nurse line) it was revealed the ear infection was going strong in addition to a possible vaccine reaction and also (OMG WILL IT EVER END) very apparent teething.

As the good doctor said, he’s got a lot going on.

We are now going to observe the end of the traditional completely healthy first year by going on a 20 day antibiotics bender.

When I told my family that this was the ear infection without end, my darling brother was quick to respond with the following instruction: Make sure to post on facebook at least twice today, here, just copy and paste this: “UGHHH, another fever on the last day of antibiotics, really?  Any other moms out there with advice for how to bring the fever down??” 

This is only hysterical because if you know me, 100% the time my fever battle plan is to give Tylenol/Ibuprofen and call the nurse line if it seems hinky.  100% of the time this is what I tell other people to do when they leave similar status updates on Facebook.  None of this should be surprising.

Someday we’ll all be healthy again.

Friday Food Round-Up!


Last night, Marcus observed that I hadn’t posted since last Friday.  He’s not wrong.  This has just been a long week.  Critter had a double ear-infection, we were waiting to finalize the inspection contingency addendum on our house and that is just enough, isn’t it?

Here’s what we ate.

Friday – French Stew, Green Salad

Caitlin and Dave joined us for dinner on Friday night and we finally (FINALLY!) made French Stew.  It was delightful.  Caitlin brought salad and brownies.  It was a feast.

Sunday – Simple, Perfect Chili from The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Cornbread from Cravings


Monday – Baked Potatoes with Broccoli Cheese Sauce

I don’t know why this seemed like a good idea but Monday was the last slot on this week’s meal plan and suddenly this sounded like the best dinner.  I made a scratch cheese sauce and used frozen broccoli because it was practical and it turned out quite well.

Tuesday – Risotto and Steamed Asparagus

Risotto is Marcus’ favorite meal so of course I made it for Valentine’s Day dinner.

Thursday – Crockpot Korean Chicken Bowls

I doubled this recipe, used breasts instead of thighs, only used one jalapeno with seeds, two crowns of broccoli.  Honestly, you really don’t need the sesame seeds (though some sesame oil could be nice!).  We will 100% make this again.

Friday Food Round-Up!

So.  This week I made a meal plan.  And then for whatever reason, things just did not go according to plan.  The night we were supposed to make stew, I discovered we were missing the french onion soup.  We had a stray cauliflower in the fridge.  And some orphan mushrooms.

I don’t know how it happened either, but anyway here we are now.  We ate.

Sunday – Grampy Jim’s Ham Turkey Sandwiches from Farmhouse Rules, Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Monday – Crispy Chicken Thighs from Cast Iron Cooking, Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes from The Smitten Kitchen, Garlicky Wilted Spinach

Tuesday – Sushi Bowls, Trader Joe’s Chicken-Cilantro Mini Wontons

Thursday -Three Cheese Sundried Tomato and Spinach Pasta from Cast Iron Cooking


Big Boy Alert!

I am pretty sure that Critter just made it through another one of those growth spurt/leap-things because the Crankypotomus has gone away and we have a very charming toddler in our house.  He gives hugs (or his version of them, anyway) and is starting to cuddle a bit and it is really quite lovely to be around.

  • Critter took three steps today!
  • Critter and I tried out tots yoga at Blooma for the first time two weeks ago.  I would say even though it is for 9 mos – 4 yrs, we probably won’t be back again until he can walk somewhat competently, just because there wasn’t much he could do as a crawler/sitter.  It was more of a song and playtime than actual yoga but still…in a few months, it will be better.
  • I keep forgetting to write this down, but it needs to be captured for eternity: the kid loves spinning wheels.  If it has wheels, my tiny engineer is getting on their level and spinning them to see if they are good wheels or bad wheels and constantly re-arranging the object to determine if there is a better way to get them spinning.  This can go on for 15 minutes if there are a variety of wheels to choose from.
  • He had his first public/real temper tantrum at our Tuesday playdate a few weeks ago.  It occurred because I would NOT let him touch the glass on the gas fireplace that was running and it involved back arching, foot kicking, diving at the ground and many, many tears.  What a time to be a one year old, right?
  • We survived cloth diapering for a year!  At this point, any additional diapering we do saves us money and if we just stop entirely, we break even.
  • Critter’s 12 month appointment was last Thursday.  He is 26 lbs 4.5 oz (97%!), 2’8″ (98%!).  So, still our adult baby!  Less interesting but his head is 19.29″ (98%!).  His 12 month molars are also coming in on top.  It’s a hoot.
  • In the last week we introduced him to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and let me tell you He Is A Big Fan.  He’s also getting much better at eating three meals a day, and I am oddly proud of this.  Probably because I felt like it took him a little bit to “get” food and now he is a tot-expert!

Someday We Are Moving

Or like, by March 31 because that is when this house closes!

To brief y’all on what happened since January 31:

  • We had photos and measurements taken on February 1.
  • We listed the house on February 2.
  • We had eleven showings on February 3 (8:15 AM – 6:30 PM) so Marcus and Critter were sheltering at Nana and Baube’s house while they stayed away from ours.  We also had some good friends for dinner that night and totally scuttled our nice beef stew plan and ended up ordering Papa Murphy’s because there was literally no time for anything else.
  • We got two offers on February 3.
  • We had six showings and an open house (with 13 groups!) on February 4.  Again, we went to Nana and Baube’s houses because we had nowhere else to go.  We got one more offer and picked one to accept.
  • Today (February 5) we signed the purchase agreement and now we need to make plans to get out of here!

We didn’t end up seeing the letter from the buyers until after we had accepted their offer but reading it, we had so much peace about who is going to live here after us.  We really have loved our time in this neighborhood and in this house, but we are bursting at the seams here.

The inspection should happen in the next week or so – we already had one done in November so that we would know if there were any red flags (there weren’t) so I’m not terribly concerned about this one but it will of course be a relief once it is over.

As to where we are moving next, my parents’ basement.  It is going to be very cool.  We haven’t found The Barbie Dream Home yet (though we have been looking casually since October) so this will be an experiment in multi-generational living!