Daily Archives: 01.23.2017

51 Weeks

You guys!  In one week, we will have a one year old baby.  It is amazing!  I am telling you!  Also, I have all of these new hidden talents now.  Like stacking things on my head!

  • Our ECFE class agreed that we’ll all sign up together for the same class with our littles next fall.  I am pretty jazzed about this because even though our class is small (4!) and Katie and I already knew one another, it has been so much fun to grow new friendships with Also Katie and Ingrid.  I’m glad that we all like one another enough to continue on the adventure next year!
  • In that vein, while Critter is still a shy guy, he has finally seemed to overcome his shyness in ECFE!  He is now comfortable playing with the other tots/without me/is happy to crawl back to check on me and then crawl away again.  I am pleased with this development and proud of him for trying to be brave.
  • We are working to transition Critter from formula to whole milk and once again he is not super-thrilled about this.  Hoping he decides to get on board soon.
  • Critter got his first haircut, which was just super necessary.  I was trimming his bangs here and there to keep them out of his eyes which meant that the back just kept growing longer and he was getting a Baby Mullet.  He lasted through getting his hair sprayed down and the first three snips and then he just got super ticked.  As a result, the hair cut/style looks different around each ear (lol) but now my little baby really does look like a big boy!
  • First birthday party planning.  Um, not really any of that going on TBH.  My mom ordered a Costco cake and is making a pan of macaroni and cheese.  My MIL is getting balloons because I think Critter will get a kick out of them.  I’m not ordering a smash cake, Critter will just get his own slice of cake, the same way we all did back in The Old Times.  The attendees are everyone who came to the hospital and then Baby G because Critter is turning one year old so he can invite one friend.  It will be a merry, low-key time.
  • Related/unrelated: I really need to order his birthday gifts.  And some socks that fit him.  And some shoes.  Because the closest thing he has that qualifies are some shark slippers.