Daily Archives: 01.11.2017


I am thankful for…

…DATE NIGHT.  We went from no date nights to having two in the span of a week (one c/o a husband who wanted to surprise me, and another c/o my in-laws) and we got to try two, new-to-us restaurants: St. Genevieve and George and the Dragon.  Both were excellent (and ironically next door to one another).  It was so good for us to be able to leave the house together, without Critter.

…Our spiffy house.  We had Bruce come over to take care of a few projects for us pre-listing and it just makes our space nicer to live in.  I’m glad we’ll get to enjoy the tiny improvements for a little while before we don’t live there anymore!

…Being able to workout.  I don’t know what, exactly, happened but from December 14 until probably January 2 or so, our schedule was just completely out of whack.  It was so nice to have Marcus home, but for whatever reason I just did not spend as much time on the treadmill as usual (though I did do a lot of yoga).  It has been nice to get back to that.

…Early Mornings. There are a few mornings where Critter has slept in and a few mornings where I have woken up well before Critter and it has been so nice to be able to drink my coffee in a leisurely fashion, do some blogging, and do some reading. All before he wakes!  I am not quite ready to set an alarm for this because my poor body is still catching up on sleep but I can see how that day is coming soon. 

…My health. Again. I had a six month dermatology follow-up appointment where I didn’t need to have any moles removed and they told me to come back in a year. AND they prescribed me a steroid cream for my hands because they are infinitely better than they were a few weeks ago but it’s only January. 

…My Mama Tribe. Critter and I are part of a playgroup we met through Blooma and they are just the nicest girls. We finaly got to host this week (even though it has been puking snow in Minneapolis), and it was so good to have some time with these ladies to catch up and let the littles burn off some energy. 

I am looking forward to…

…Figuring out how to eat like an adult again.  Since Critter is weaned, it’s safe to say the 21 or so months of eating for two have come to an end.  Honestly, I am sort of excited to eat like a normal adult again (and am hoping maybe I could regain an interest in salads?).  On the other hand, I have absolutely zero idea of how much to be eating because my life is different now. I’m not running.  I do carry around a 25 pound weight for most of the day when I am home.  I power walk three times a week, I go to hot yoga once.  Pretty much I have just been inhaling food when I am hungry which is less chic and in-touch with my body than it sounds, but eventually I’ll figure it out.  Right?  Right.

…SPRING.  Is it too soon to say that?  I remember that when Critter was born, I thought to myself that when the leaves were on the trees, we would probably have this whole parenting thing down.  Well, um, it’s not even his birthday yet so we still have….at least three months until anything resembling the beginnings of spring is upon us.

I am dying for…

…A massage.  I got a gift card from my in-laws for Mother’s Day and you guys I am just ashamed to say that I haven’t taken the time to schedule it!  Someday soon.

…Some new lampshades for the lamps in our living room. (1) We finally have both of them in one place – one of them was living in my parents’ basement for a time and then was being re-wired (2) the current shades are very obviously wrong.  They should be white or cream drum shades, so I am hoping that I can get them sorted out in the next month.

…This latest round of teething to be over. Critter has been working to cut one of his lower teeth for nearly a week now and yesterday we hit peak misery. I just want the little guy to feel better. And the tooth to be here.