Friday Food Round-Up!

Happy last Friday Food Round-Up! of 2016.

As the year progressed, Marcus and I agreed it would be interesting to see how many new dishes we cooked this year.  So I scrolled through the entire set of recaps to see.  Basically I counted anything if it was an entirely new recipe and not if it was like “BBQ Chicken Tacos” instead of Normal Tacos or anything that we have ever cooked before in the history of the blog.  Our grand total?  59 RECIPES.  This simultaneously feels like a lot of new food and not very much considering the amount of time we now spend eating at home.  I am super proud of myself for accomplishing this feat and appreciative of Marcus giving me the time to cook dinner (or lunch or whatever).  It has allowed us to enjoy something from our pre-Critter life (dinner at the table) and it has absolutely allowed us to save money because we aren’t ordering takeout.  Has it been healthier?  Yes in the sense that we haven’t been eating super-processed food but it does look different in the sense that we eat a lot more carbs now.  Critter loves pasta and my relationship with salads is still fraught.

This week I made some artichoke dip for Christmas Eve festivities that never got photographed and we ate the following from the freezer: Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Enchiladas, Stacked Enchiladas, Goat Cheese and Asparagus Pasta. If you’re not freezing extra meals when you can (this really never mattered to us until we were parents) I cannot recommend it enough. 

Friday – Ahi Tuna Dip

This tuna was actually supposed to be more tuna bowls but then it wasn’t because we ended up having an impromptu family dinner at Smack Shack. So it became a late night munchie (that we paired with glasses of cheap champagne) after a few beers.  It’s actually modeled after a tuna-guacamole situation we discovered at Stella’s Fish Cafe probably eight or so years ago and it is 11/10 delicious.

Sunday – Bread Pudding

Basically, Jeanne mentioned a few weeks ago that she made this again and for some reason the Holy Spirit moved me to make it for Christmas Day.  I thought it would be a super great dessert for the annual fondue dinner, but Mom convinced me it would in fact be living its best life as a breakfast item and that it would be an excellent substitute for the annual Pillsbury orange cinnamon rolls.


It also gave me the chance to use a lot of bread that was hiding in our freezer and the 3 oz of dark rum that was in the basement from our engagement party like six and a half years ago. HEY.

Monday – Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Topping, Garlicky Wilted Spinach

Basically I still had one more bell pepper in the fridge to use and we needed to eat something healthy-ish after the Christmas festivities.

Thursday – Chicken Tacos with Black Beans, Cilantro-Lime Rice, and Guacamole

Now more than ever our house is not set-up for entertaining but we had some friends in-town and we felt like we had exhausted our sitter options for the week (we went out with my brother on Wednesday night) so dinner at our place!  Thankfully we had a ton of pre-marinated chicken and tortillas in the fridge so this was not a huge stretch.

Basically my theory on hosting others for dinner is this: make what you were going to make anyway. If you love it, they’ll love it too. And we had such a nice night with our friends. 


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. “Basically my theory on hosting others for dinner is this: make what you were going to make anyway. If you love it, they’ll love it too. And we had such a nice night with our friends.” <–True!

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