I am thankful for…

…HEALTH.  I had my second bout of mastitis set in last Wednesday night.  The first set of antibiotics I was prescribed on Thursday didn’t work so I got a NEW set on Friday and when all is said and done I was rocking and rolling with a solid fever until Saturday morning.  My fever and chills were of the variety that I was totally bedridden which brings me to my next point.

…Marcus.  Husband of the Year for sure.  While I was basically incapacitated for 48 hours (holding or playing with Critter for 5-15 minutes exhausted me) he stepped up and solo parented without complaint.

…Moms. My mother took Critter for an unplanned day so Marcus could work and I could recuperate. My mother-in-law fed us dinner. Twice. It takes a village. 

…My Patagonia Better Sweater 1/4 Zip.  

It was a Hanukkah gift from my in-laws and I love it sick.  A Better Sweater jacket was my post-partum gift to myself and when this winter rolled around, I thought about how nice it would be to have all of that warmth without a full-zipper.  It is true.  It’s like wearing a blanket. I might wear it all winter.  If you see me don’t judge.  

I am looking forward to…

…Chrismakkuh.  Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve and Christmas is also on…Christmas Eve.  Statement of the year right there.  We had our immediate family Hanukkah celebration last weekend, so that was sort of the kickoff but I am ready to keep the holiday season moving!

…Giving Critter his Hanukkah gifts.  From a totally selfish parent-perspective I want to toss the new toys into the rotation!

…Next week’s dinner adventure. While Billy is in town we’re headed out to check out a “cool” new restaurant.  It will be fun to have brother time. 

I am dying for…

…A date night.  I am trying to remember the last time we had one that wasn’t tied to a wedding and honestly y’all I just cannot.  It’s not that I don’t love to celebrate the love of others, it’s just that it isn’t exactly time for just the two of us.

…More moisture in the air. Apparently the winter eczema was not just a pregnancy thing last year and my hands are just a mess. Even with rigorous application of coconut oil and sudocrem the situation is tenuous. 


4 responses to “Today…

  1. I bought the better sweater jacket this fall, and I fully support never taking off the quarter zip, I also will probably be buying one soon!

  2. carrisamarie

    That jacket! Patagonia is currently my favorite brand (I blame/credit all my hiking out here in AZ)…might have to look into that one!

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