Critter Crawls!

No really, at last.  Just a week before turning 10 months old he woke up after second nap and when I set him down he looked at me and crawled as if he had been crawling the entire time.  We now have the cutest little ball of fleece zipping around our house.  Thus far, he only uses his powers to: rip all of the books off of the lowest book shelf, empty his toy boxes, and to crawl to you to be picked up (we ignore this at our own peril).

  • Weaning.  We are doing it.  There was a weeklong period of biting that culminated in me holding true to my breastfeeding ethos, which is that if it ever became excessively painful, I would quit. That was that. We made it 10 months so it was a good run.  I’ll keep pumping (if I can) until he’s a year old and we’ll supplement with formula if needed.
  • Critter LOVED Thanksgiving food.  As in, he was eating whole salad plates full of it.  I would say on the whole his enthusiasm for “people” food has been growing but even still we were taken aback.
  • Critter had his second ever cold (God only knows where he got it) and promptly passed it to the rest of us.  It finally seems to be fading away but it has been a LONG week.
  • I’m pretty sure another tooth is rolling in.  Yay.
  • In addition to crawling, Critter has now figured out how to stand up and that is horrifying.  This is going to (eventually) open so many new possibilities for playing.  I’m excited for the little guy but oh man.
  • Critter still just loves to read books more than anything else.  If I had to guess, I’d say that we spend at least an hour every day reading.  He refuses to read any of the “big boy” picture books but he loves reading the board books and could go on forever.  I think I just about have Where’s Spot? memorized.

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