Reverb 16 | Prompt 4 | Deck the Halls

Sarah and Kim have been sharing Reverb prompts and  Meredith and I are back in the saddle.  Because writing can be fun.  And we all have a lot to say.  Join us.

Deck the Halls: Show us your holiday decor!  If you don’t celebrate during this season, show us your favorite year-round home decor item.

I am sure that you can all very well remember my best attempts last year at decorating for Hanukkah.  This year I have had a bit of a pause with the whole effort, largely because the twinkle-light garland I made sheds glitter (thanks, sparkle-ribbon) and also in part because I am 99.9% sure that Critter will try to gnaw on it at some point and if that’s not a debacle in the making, I don’t know what is.

Ah, next year, yes?

I feel like most of our home decor is accidental. Inheirited. Handed down.  This is not a problem for me.  I think we all know that the range of my decorating abilities are…limited.  Like this print that was in my parents’ house and my grandmother’s before them.

It hangs in our master bathroom and it’s only funny because its twin is hanging in my parents’.  We did not coordinate this.  Rather, I only discovered it when I was traipsing through there on Thanksgiving.  You’ll forgive me for having no clue, they moved only this year.

Is it my absolute favorite?  Who knows really.  It’s in the running.  But it illustrates the point perfectly.



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