Reverb 16 | Prompt 2 | Cozy

Sarah and Kim have been sharing Reverb prompts and  Meredith and I are back in the saddle.  Because writing can be fun.  And we all have a lot to say.  Join us.

Cozy: Some of us live on the Tundra, while others live where the tumbleweeds roll.  Either way, we still have to nest when December rolls around.  What keeps you cozy through the wintertime?

There is a running joke in Minnesota that no matter what time of year it is, inside it’s always 72º .  Granted, there is a tremendous difference between heating your house to 72º and air conditioning your house to 72º , but I am sure you get the picture.

In our house, there are many blankets.  On the bed.  Stashed away in the basement (um, “man cave”).  Draped over the couches in the living room.  Tucked into the cedar chest.  Rolled up in the line closet.  Crated up in Critter’s nursery.  It is possible that we have too many for three people considering the fact that one of us isn’t even technically “able” to use blankets yet, but I refuse to believe it.  The AMERICA afghan my grandmother knit.  The quilt one of my Mom’s girlfriends knit when Critter was born.  A faux-shearling blanket I insisted we buy at Target probably 12 years ago.  The Fairbault Woolen Mills blanket meant to show that I had some idea of what I was doing decorating a house.  Spoiler Alert: I really don’t.

And all of this just to name a few of the many.  Our house is very literally a nest.  I use all of them.  Marcus uses barely some of them.

The seasons change.  The blankets never do.


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