Reverb 16 | Prompt 1 | Intentions

Sarah and Kim have been sharing Reverb prompts and  Meredith and I are back in the saddle.  Because writing can be fun.  And we all have a lot to say.  Join us.

Prompt 1: Intentions.  Let’s set our intention for the month of December on writing, creativity, and expression.  What do you hope to get out of a month of writing each day?  What is your favorite part about writing – the idea, the first words, the final sentiments?


2 responses to “Reverb 16 | Prompt 1 | Intentions

  1. For all the reverbs I’ve read of yours…I’ve never clicked through to the links. So I’m clicking through, adding it to feedly, and maybe/hopefully/possibly I’ll participate at some point this month/next year?

    • You should! 1. Everyone else’s are really more fun to read than mine and 2. Even if you just do one prompt this year I think you’ll enjoy it.

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