Someday We Are Moving

We’re still planning to move.  Which is exciting!  And also sort of scary.  Since January is only in one month and then it is time to get this show on the road (and this house on the market).  Just as I type that sentence I am thinking of all of the things we still need to do: install new mini-blinds in the basement, install a new toilet seat in the basement bathroom, replace the light fixture in the dining area (we’ve purchased it, we just need to hang it), replace burned-out bulbs in the entryway fixture, touch-up paint, replace burner plates on our stove, re-hang the door on the laundry room, tack down a few rogue baseboards.

…Get a storage unit or something so we can start staging our house?

So there is a ways to go still.

In November…

  • We hired an inspector to come see our place. There is one thing we could fix but don’t “need” to so that feels good.
  • We made a Lowe’s run (with our 10% off coupon!) and sourced some things we need to make cosmetic improvements.
  • Marcus installed a new screen door on our deck.
  • We switched out the cream switches, sockets and switch plates in our master bathroom for white ones.
  • We replaced one of the feet on our dryer.
  • We met with the realtor to discuss the sale of our home.  He was super helpful and gave us a list of projects to do before we list it.  Those should keep us busy for…a while.
  • We visited three houses.  Two of them were just…odd, and one of them was out of our price range, but dreamlike (and would be within striking distance if it drops at all).
  • We sold our basement couches for $100.  Which is $100 more than I would have sold them for, so shout-out to Marcus for deciding that they were worth something.

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