The State of Our Financial Union: Small Savings

I’m not a big believer in the “latte” theory, because ultimately, your overall cost of living (rent/mortgage, bills, etc.) are what will determine how or if you will be successful at being able to save money.  With that in mind, small savings can add up and over time, you bet it can make a big difference too.

What are we up to?

  • Swapping freezer gallon ziploc bags for regular strength gallon ziploc bags.  In order to transport my pump parts, I throw a clean ziploc bag into a larger tupperware container.  Marcus realized that if we switched from the freezer ziploc bags to the cheaper, plain large ziploc bags, we would save some money.  He guesses that the overall savings is probably $5/year, but hey!  That’s something!
  • Swapping La Croix for Belle Vie.  Fizz water, as I call it, is for sure my most $$$ regular habit.  Not that it’s terribly expensive, but $4.99 for a 12 pack isn’t free.  When ALDI came out with their own fizz-water line (originally called La Vie) and they even had their own Grapefruit flavor, I was So Sold.  Then it disappeared from the shelves mysteriously for a few months, but now it is back.
  • Target RED Card.  Reader, I finally signed up for one.  This might seem super stupid but finally we were like…why are we not just saving 5% on Target purchases for no other reason than the fact that we are alive?  We’re going to keep track of the amount we save on purchases and move that directly into our savings.  Between trying to sell one house and wanting to buy another, I am sure that will be a nice little chunk of change.
  • Using our benefits.  We signed up for the legal plan through Marcus’ employer so that we can get our estate planning taken care of.  It covers the attorney we’re planning to use and it will make it MUCH cheaper than if we were to just pay for it straight out-of-pocket.
  • Ebates.  Yes, that’s a referral link, but if you are not Ebates-ing yet, you absolutely should be (and you can feel free to cut me out by going straight to  When you want to shop online, instead of going directly to the website you want, you go to Ebates and then click through using their link and as a result of this transaction, you are rewarded with cash back as a percentage of your purchase. Quarterly (or so), they send you a check (Seriously. A check.) for the amount you’ve referred/earned/saved by using their site.  Over the years I’ve gotten $162.62 in cash back so this is not a joke.

One response to “The State of Our Financial Union: Small Savings

  1. You also get free shipping on anything ordered with your Target card! Even if it’s just a $2 item, it ships free! It’s amazing!

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