Friday Food Round-Up!

Happy Black Friday, everybody!  I am sure that exactly what you are looking for on this, the morning after our biggest national feast is more photos of food.  I am happy to deliver.

On Saturday, I made Chrissy Teigen’s cheeseless cheesy scrambled eggs and didn’t take a photo of them and YOU GUYS I AM FAILING YOU AS A BLOGGER BECAUSE IF I DON’T SNAP THEM DID IT EVEN HAPPEN.

But we ate them and they were delightful and I am sure we will all find the inner strength to go on.

What we ate from the pantry this week: Navy Bean Soup (Bear Creek Soup Mix), Pumpkin Pie Filling

Sunday – Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausages,  Roasted Cauliflower, Feta and Orzo Salad from Cravings

We went out for my mother-in-law’s birthday brunch on Sunday morning so I was looking for something a little more subdued for dinner.  This was perfect.  Cauliflower salad never disappoints.

Monday – Grampy Jim’s Ham Turkey Sandwich from Farmhouse Rules, Navy Bean Soup (Bear Creek Soup Mix)

This grilled cheese-type sandwich is so superior in all ways.  It is good as a grilled sandwich, it is good as a regular, cold, un-grilled sandwich.  The layers: cheese (American/Cheddar depending on if you’re grilling or not), deli turkey, avocado, onion, mayo/dijon mustard. Soup was a logical partner in crime.

Tuesday – Breakfast Tacos


Wednesday – Roasted Chicken Thighs with 4-3-2-1 Spice RubOven Fries, Coleslaw 

Confession: I was supposed to make a salad for dinner and this was the meal I actually wanted to eat.  So I took the head of cabbage that was supposed to be our salad and actioned a slaw and all was right and good in the world.

Thursday – Great Pumpkin Dessert and Patsy’s Blackberry Any Fruit Cobbler from The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Originally I was going to make one pumpkin cake for each Thanksgiving because this dessert is the best.  Then, on Wednesday afternoon when I stopped by my parents’ place, I discovered that my mom had already made it. So I made one pumpkin cake for Marcus’ family.

On Thursday morning, moved by the spirit of Trying New Recipes On Thanskgiving, I attempted a peach and raspberry cobbler from the Pioneer Woman.  I was tempted to try one from Farmhouse Rules but I didn’t have all of the ingredients and was not about to go shopping on Thanksgiving for them.  Honestly, the recipe was odd and I had my suspicions before I put it in the oven (congratulations me, I am now an intuitive baker) and when it came out I was not terribly surprised to find a fruit nudel swimming in butter.  I brought it to Thanksgiving anyhow because what are you going to do, really?

Miscellaneous – Earth Cookies


Did I burn the first batch I made of these to a crisp?  Yes!  Was it because I accidentally turned the oven to 450 instead of 350?  Yes!  But I was not deterred and I made another batch!  At the right temperature!


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