I am thankful for…

…a LONG weekend!  Last weekend was busy and we spent the entirety of Saturday doing errands and house projects.  It was good to take care of those things, but we were wiped out.

…Sleep!  Even though Critter has been up here and there throughout night weaning, I have already been sleeping SO MUCH MORE than I have over the past 9.5 months.  Add in a still-strong afternoon nap game (that and my daily coffee have been a real necessity) and I basically feel like a hamster but I also feel like I am starting to feel more myself?  Which is to say that I am starting to remember the person I was in my old life who got appropriate amounts of sleep?  It’s great.

…My UGG boots.  I was afraid that when I bought two pairs this summer I was being extravagant but they are just the happiest little pillows of warm and fluff on my feet.

I am looking forward to…

…THANKSGIVING.  It’s my favorite holiday, I think.

…My new glasses!  We had optometrist appointments last week and then taking a cue from my little brother, I ordered a couple of pairs from (heads-up it’s a referral link).  For $60 I got two pairs, which is exciting only because I have not had new glasses in probably…10 years?  I don’t wear them all the time, but since Critter has come, I certainly wear them more often.  It’s a needed refresh.

…Seeing Billy.  He’s home for Thanksgiving and it will be nice to have some sibling time. I am even more delighted that he and Critter will get to spend more quality time together.

I am dying for…

…The chance to properly bake something that is more than Earth Cookies.  I remember when Critter was just a tiny pup, I went on a blondie baking streak (no, I don’t know why that made sense at the time but it was important).  Since then, I’ve baked but nothing dramatic or exciting.  Honestly, making an entire batch of actual cookies with butter would qualify at this point.


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