Critter’s First Snow (and some other stuff)

Critter saw his first snow and was just absolutely taken by it.  So interesting!  So unlike anything he has ever witnessed in his little life to date!  Our next project, once we get a bit more snow (which should happen at some point in the next week) is to suit him up in his snowsuit so he can witness it up close.

  • I successfully brought another 55 ounces (give or take a few) of milk back from vacation.  I’m proud I was able to do it, and since we don’t have any additional travel, I should not have to do it again before Critter weans.
  • Critter still is not crawling.  He started doing The Reverse Inch(worm) in July and now he wheels and deals in all directions except for forward.  We keep on trying to get him to go…forward but he gets ready and then he just…lays down.  Honestly, I think part of the reason he doesn’t go forward is because more often than not, when he wants something that is in front of him, he can simply lay down and reach it since he is so tall!  Marcus and I also realized over the weekend that neither of us crawled, so the deck is sort of stacked against him. 
  • I am so excited for Critter to experience Thanksgiving.  Mostly because as he continues to eat more and more foods, I think that he’ll really enjoy the feast.
  • We started night weaning on Friday night. I feel like after 9.5 months we have earned sleep freedom.  He has woken up a few times each night, but there haven’t been any fits of screaming and I think we’re all sleeping better as a result so, that’s a miracle.
  • I gave Critter his first bang trim. I wanted to wait until he was a year old to do any haircutting, but it was getting in his eyes and making them water. It is the world’s most okayest trim job but that is okay!  The hair is out of his eyes!
  • Last week in ECFE, Critter’s class made hand turkeys (y’all know those are my FAVORITE art form of all time) and of course this is proudly hanging from our refrigerator now.


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