Welcome To New York

For the third time in our lives now, Marcus and I were invited to attend a wedding in Tarrytown, NY.  For those members of the group who do not know where that is, it is a lovely town on the Hudson River in Westchester County.  It is a pleasant, happy place, but since we are both lifelong Minnesotans, the odds of us getting invited to one wedding out there much less three are…not so high.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that they are quite low.

We have not planned a specific trip to New York City since 2010 for the very obvious reason that every 12-18 months, we seem to end up there anyway.  This trip was no different.  When we booked our tickets, we had a bit of back and forth about whether or not it would make sense to bring Critter along.  Our verdict was that even though we love him so very much it would probably be a massive pain, we wouldn’t really do anything that even loosely resembled vacationing, and we felt like we deserved a weekend away just the two of us.

So on Friday morning, we flew into Newark, took the train into Manhattan and after leaving our things at Meredith’s, headed out for a nice lunch at Persepolis.

I chose it because it was (1) close to where we were starting out from (2) had good Yelp reviews (3) was not French/Italian food.

We split a bunch of appetizers and then shared a main course of beef kebabs with an herbed rice.

It was fantastic.

With that addressed, we set off in what was (again) unseasonably warm weather for this time of year to walk through Central Park as a part of our route to get to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).  Slowly, but surely I have been ticking The Museums Of New York City off of my list.  I think the big two that I have yet to see are The Whitney and The Frick.  Next trip.

What we didn’t realize until we were mapping our route to the MoMA is that we were going to have the opportunity to walk straight past Trump Tower.  So we did.

And then we were at the museum, where we got to enjoy a whole floor full of impressionist paintings (including Starry Night and a Monet Water Lily triptych!) and Picassos and Mondrians and a lovely courtyard-sculpture garden that included an interesting butterfly by Calder and a goat by Picasso and it was all a lot to take in.  

As I was walking through the art, I felt…something.  I don’t know if I was transported for a moment to my old life of lots of travel and many museums or if I was unaware of just how thirsty I was to surround myself with beauty after surviving the 2016 election season but it felt good. Steph took some time off of work to join us for our museum romp so it was just excellent to be able to catch-up with her while we wandered through the exhibit halls.

Marcus then trekked off to Brooklyn to spend the evening with Joe and Foley.  I returned to Meredith’s where Strand arrived with McGee (her pup) and the fixings to make cake batter puppy chow.  Chief accomplishments of our merry band included: drinking two bottles of champagne, learning how to make tiny chairs from the champagne bottle cork-cages, eating quite a bit of puppy chow and takeout, workshopping.

But I was not kidding about the tiny chairs.

I have a new party trick.

The next morning, I ate a bagel with lox and cream cheese from Pick-A-Bagel.  It was probably the height of my culinary goals for the city.

Marcus arrived back in Manhattan with a bag of donuts from Dough and we ventured out to Tarrytown.

We ate lunch at Bibille, which is a Korean-fusion place.  Basically we ate bowls of bibimbap because that was the only thing they had on the menu and it was great.

I got one with purple rice and spicy pork, Marcus got one with purple rice and beef.  We both got all of the fixings.  It was fantastic.

And now we have tried another Tarrytown restaurant.

We dedicated the rest of Saturday afternoon to napping and general laziness. In my past life, I might have thought it a nice idea to go visit Kykuit or something else of the like, but based on our current record I am now feeling fairly confident in the likelihood that I will make it back out to that part of New York again someday.  Unrelated: we both agreed it was important to build some rest into our trip plans.

The wedding of course, was lovely.  If you ever get invited to one at the Tappan Hill Mansion, you should go.

This is Marina. We have been friends for…at least nine years now?  We have not seen one another in AGES so we did the best workshopping. 

We are now home and I am pleased to report that I slept MUCH better on this trip than I did during the Sleeptacocation.  Why?  Who knows, but I am super thankful.  That was rest that is still sorely needed.  We missed Critter to bits – it was so fun to see him when we got back.  He was just tickled to see that we had finally returned to him.  Of course, dear one, we will always return.


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