I am thankful for…

…My sweet boy baby.  He makes all of my days brighter, but the cuddles he was doling out on the morning of November 9th?  Just absolutely healing.  As I told my mother, having a baby is even better than a kitty.

…Marcus.  Just this morning he let me sleep in an extra hour because he decided to go into work an hour late today.

…My Ozark Trail Insulated Tumbler from Walmart.  Billy gave me this for my birthday and you guys I am obsessed.  As Billy described it, It is the exact same thing as a Yeti except for way cheaper.  He is right.  And my coffee stays so hot that I now pour it, add three ice cubes and it stays that exact same temperature until I am finished.  It is amazing.

I am looking forward to…

…Our New York trip!  Even though I think I am still getting over being away from Critter for so long while I was in Texas (yes, seriously), it’s hard to believe that it is already time to go away again!  I am hopeful that I am able to get some slightly better sleep.  Our only plans besides the wedding are going to the MoMA, seeing Meredith/Laura/Joe/Kelsey in various combinations, probably getting gyros from the gyro place that Dana sent us to last time in Tarrytown, and napping the afternoon away on Saturday.

…Weekend afternoon adventures with Critter.  Now that Critter’s nap schedule is more compatible with…life, after he wakes up from his second nap, the rest of the afternoon is really ours for adventuring.  I think we’ll be drawing up an outing/happy hour To Do list to work our way through over the winter and I am really quite excited about it!

I am dying for…

…a date night.  We haven’t had one in well over a month now.  Our trip will be something of a date weekend, but after that, we need to plan an honest-to-goodness date night.


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