Baby Days

  • We have been having some just incredible unseasonably warm weather for late October-early November and I cannot say that I can complain. It has given us more walks outside, more time playing in the leaves/grass and more chances to go swinging at the park.  Why can’t this last forever?
  • Critter had his nine month appointment – he is 23 lbs 3 oz and 30.75″ long.  So he is still, very literally, a giant.
  • The left bucktooth has now taken two weeks to move in (it’s almost out!).  We have all suffered.
  • On Halloween, Critter slept through the night.  It hasn’t happened again since then, but that means it’s still possible!
  • At his nine month appointment, we also got permission to night wean.  If the little pup doesn’t commit to sleeping through the night by November 18, then we’ll get started with that (since Marcus is off of work that week).
  • When I was texting back and forth with a new mama friend about the dark reality that much of the first year of your little one’s life is spent in nursing tanks and the even more wretched (and dysfunctional) nursing bras, I realized that This Is How Mom Jeans Happen.
  • Critter is becoming an expert at turning book pages.  When we get done with a page in a book, I wiggle the corner of it and then he knows to flip it.  And if we’re reading Freight Train or Don’t Push The Button then he already knows when to turn the page.  It’s pretty cute.
  • The little guy continues to improve at eating.  On Sunday morning he got to eat pancakes, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns for breakfast!  Depending on the meal and the situation, he goes between feeding himself, being spoonfed, or being fed little tidbits by hand.  I will say that the funniest is when you have something in the palm of your hand for him to pick up and instead of using his hands, he just puts his whole mouth on your palm to suction up the snack.  It is not entirely unlike a horse getting a carrot.
  • We survived Daylight Savings Time.  Thankfully he woke up at an appropriate (albeit early) morning hour of 5:20 AM.  We spent the rest of the day keeping him on the same schedule he’s been on for the last month or so.  Nap at 9:00 AM, another nap between 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM.  We went on lots of outings – breakfast!  Nana and Esteemed Grandfather’s!  A walk!  The Wayzata Brew Works! And he also got a bath, all in an effort to keep him up and going all day.  I will admit that I had a laugh when we rolled into the breakfast spot just as it was opening and two other cars loaded with kids and car seats pulled in right beside us.  Apparently we were not the only ones with that particular idea.

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