Someday We Are Moving


It’s time.

I figure every once in a while, I’ll commemorate all of the productivity we are actioning over here.

In October:

  • I called Bruce to let him know we would need his handy-skills at some point in the next month or two to take care of some different odd jobs and house projects that we simply do not have the time or skills for.
  • Marcus reached out to the realtors at Redfin to schedule a time where we can meet to look at our house, discuss any outstanding (minor) improvements, and where to go from here. 
  • We bought a couch (v lightly used) for our future living room. 

  • We put the ancient (12 year old, bachelor pad) couches in our basement on Craigslist. 
  • I purged the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and came away with one bag of things to trash and another of things to donate. 
  • I also purged a box worth of things from the closet beneath the stairs. Highlights: a DVD/CD repair kit, an empty Nintendo Wii box, a stack of 3.5″ floppy disks, a stack of unburned CDs. No, I don’t know how these things survived past purges either. 
  • Last but not least on the purging front, I managed to fill an entire box with books that no longer need to live on our bookshelves. 
  • We went to one open house. 

2 responses to “Someday We Are Moving

  1. Reed and I are getting ready to move too! Planning to pack my first box later this week. Dreading it and looking forward to it all at once. I think Reed is going to be so sad to leave his beloved home. Breaks my heart a bit.

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