9 Months!

In two weeks, I’ll take one of those photos of Critter and I and do a comparison shot that shows him at 41 weeks on the outside versus 41 weeks on the inside.  It’s going to be fascinating.  Until then, some updates.

  • Even though Marcus didn’t know this at the time, Critter started cutting another tooth while I was in Texas and a week ago it emerged to see the light of day. It is a top fang, and it was swiftly followed by its twin, so, two fangs moving on up in the world. And since then, his baby buckteeth have also started to emerge into the honest light of day which makes for a grand total of four teeth. All at once!  Blessings to all people. I am hoping he is done but it’s also like, eh let’s just get the other 14 done with.  Bonus points for cutting them in multiples instead of that One At A Time nonsense.
  • Fun fact: teething can cause plugged ducts. I know that because I got another one.
  • After hiking Critter’s leg to his chest in order to get him into his footie PJs, I decided it was time to pack up his 18 month clothing and pull out the 24 month/2T clothing. I am hoping to GOD that this lasts through his first birthday as we are now on his seventh set of clothing.  At the rate we are going it is entirely possible we could have a three foot tall one year old. Pray for us, people.
  • We experienced our first (horror) bath poop.
  • Critter has now expressed to us his deep love for the books Freight Train and Don’t Push The Button.  We usually read each of them three times in a row.
  • Daylight Savings Time is coming.  We were actually sort of glad when it ended because it turned Critter’s 4 AM wake-ups into 5 AM ones (and he was at the point where we couldn’t really sleep train yet).  His bedtime has been shifting  closer to 7 PM lately and wake-ups aside, we can usually get him to snooze until 6 or 7 AM now so I am hoping we can just rip the bandaid off with this transition?  WHO AM I KIDDING. It’s going to be rough.
  • Only three more months of breastfeeding. If I can make it through the first three I can make I through the last three. When I think about weaning it is only sad in the sense that he really won’t be a little baby anymore.
  • We’re still working on solid foods.  Marcus and I are really trying to make sure that Critter eats breakfast every morning and that it is something familiar (oat cereal with mashed fruit and some sort of pouch) so that he is experiencing food/meals as routine.  For the rest of the day, it’s open season.  He can try anything.  Last week he was especially a fan of mashed potatoes/rice (white and wild!)/carrots/mushrooms from our Wednesday night supper.  Today, he ate probably a quarter cup of macaroni and cheese.  Who knows what he will or will not love next.

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